Blankenberge “Radiogaze” Vinyl Pre-Order

Berne, Switzerland, October 19, 2018: Elusive Sound is delighted to announce the release of Blankenberge’s debut album “Radiogaze” on vinyl.

Blankenberge is a shoegaze/dreampop 5-piece from Saint-Petersburg, Russia who create warm reverb-drenched, drone-raging songs that swell into soaring ethereal harmonies. Nostalgia, longing and hope has seldom sounded this alluring. Feeling lost has never sounded this liberating with Yana’s swooning, soft vocals serenely ascending and sweeping the skies, unveiling an afterglow, lacing emotion through a blazing, hazy swirl of loud droning guitars that swell and subside in an all-embracing ocean of sound.

“It’s a wonder. The sonic caverns are deeper, the vocals more assured, the space they inhabit is fully their own. Already critically lauded as one of the best albums in the genre in 2017, Blankenberge have carved out their own space in a scene that sometimes seems okay with “good enough”. Radiogaze is a pure and perfect shoegaze record – crystalline and euphoric from start to finish. While 2017 brimmed with exceptional talent and incredible albums, Blankenberge’s offering sparkles as this year’s crowning jewel”. – DKFM Shoegaze Radio

“There is a reason why Blankenberge’s 2017 album, Radiogaze, has been voted in many polls as one of the best shoegaze albums of the year. The sound is vast. Imagine MBV played in a cathedral instead of a small concert hall! The arrangements and textures are remarkable, even better when you think it is their first album”. – Noise Artists

Recorded and mixed by Vladimir Nosyrev at the “Melody” studio and mastered by Mikhail Kurochkin the vinyl release of “Radiogaze” features full artwork by Daria Zhurina and will be released on two stunning one-time only 180g+ vinyl variants cut from 24-bit masters at 45RPM on special double A-Side – B-Side vinyl with Splatter, named Siberian Glaze and Starflower & Heartleaf.

Both editions feature 350gsm gatefold outer sleeve on reverse-board with additional artwork, flood dark blue printing on the inside of the gatefold-sleeve, black Anti-Static Innersleeves, 20×20 cm sized artprint inlay with emerald blue foil print on chalk/birch colored heavy weight paper and an A7 printed inlay with handwritten download code.

The Starflower & Heartleaf deluxe numbered edition features an additional 4 Polaroid photos of the Radiogaze recording sessions chosen by the band in a custom made, high quality envelope on chalk/birch colored heavy weight paper. This envelope is hand-numbered and comes with two emerald blue foil prints and one emerald blue/green foil print with special micro embossing.

Starflower & Heartleaf is limited to 100 copies and Siberian Glaze is limited to 150 copies. Neither will ever be repressed.

Radiogaze Vinyl Pre-Order starts Friday, October 26 at 8 PM / 20:00 CEST (Zurich). The release will be on November 16, 2018.

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