TRNA are the pioneers of celestial blackgaze. This incredible blackened post-rock 3-piece from Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation formed after the breakup of post-black band Princ Persii.  Andrey Novozhilov (guitar) and Sergey Tikhomirov (drums) were joined by Anton Gataullin (bass) shortly after forming the band and had their first rehearsal as a trio in November, 2013.  The band played the first live show in February 2014 supporting Show Me A Dinosaur.

Their debut album “Pattern of Infinity” was recorded at BST studio in Saint Petersburg from September, 2014 till January, 2015 by Mikhail Skurikhin . It was released digitally and on CD on February 23, 2015 and met with a few wildly enthusiastic reviews  which greatly motivated the band. That same month, Trna went on tour with friends Show Me A Dinosaur with Anton Gataullin now as a permanent member of both bands and playing two sets a night.

When they returned from the tour, Trna started working on their next album but an increasingly fraught relationship delayed recording. The band joined Show Me A Dinosaur for another tour  but needed to find a replacement for Sergey, whose private life was at loggerheads with their tour schedule. Good friend and accomplished drummer Nikita Bobrov from Moscow luminaries Dry River  stepped in for the tour.

The trio continued to evolve their sound and “Lose Yourself To Find Peace” was recorded between June and July of 2016 with Mikhail “just add some echo” Kurochkin. The album was released digitally and on CD on September 23, 2016 and met with rave reviews.

After recording, Sergey Tikhomirov officially left the band and was replaced by Austen‘s Timur “the pummeler” Yusupov. The band signed to Elusive Sound on October 19, 2016. The album was included in Arctic Drones’ 50 Favourite Releases of 2016 and featured at number 3 in Post-Rock Essentials Top 30 Releases of 2016. “Lose Yourself To Find Peace” was released on vinyl on August 25, 2017 and became Elusive Sound’s fastest selling album.

TRNA released their third album “Earthcult” digitally on 5 March, 2018. Recorded and mastered by the brilliant Mikhail Kurochkin and featuring new drummer Timur Yusupov, “Earthcult” offers 65 minutes of pure catharsis inducing celestial blackened post split over 4 epic tracks fueled with raw emotions.

“This album represents the sentiment of the unity of man and nature. The realization that our roots are entwined, that our everyday concerns feel insignificant before the vastness of the universe, nature and life itself. Living in a metropolis and endlessly socializing, we forget who we are. We lose sight of the sacred bond we have with nature, how it nourishes us physically, emotionally, and spiritually. We should desperately try to restore that bond”.

Elusive Sound will release “Earthcult” on vinyl. TRNA will be performing in Saint-Petersburg with Show Me A Dinosaur on 23 March at the Fish Fabrique before heading off to perform with Pwyll in Tallinn on 31 March, 2018. On 21 September the band will perform at the Vivid, a post-rock festival 2018 in Norway.


With an astounding breath that overlooks simplicity, and a far reaching scale of solid technical proficiency, Trna, on these two tracks, manages to reach the unbelievable: a sonorous monumental configuration of ethereal polyphony, that underlies within an abyss of harmonic conjectures a reverberation of diluted rhythms, anxious to retain, preserve, reinvent and dilacerate the logics of traditional post-rock, rediscovering on the onset of its own expansive melodies a new pattern of cosmic possibilities able to diverge from the current waves that dictates the commonalities of the genre, reassuring a formidable degree of originality that enables them to create and discover their own identity.

Marchants Of Air

Saint-Petersburg post-black metal 3-piece TRNA, pioneers of celestial blackgaze and friends of Show Me A Dinosaur, released their second album “Lose Yourself To Find Peace” on Friday, 23 September. This is one of the most highly awaited albums this year and supersedes all our expectations. It’s two 20-min tracks will make you feel like you are standing on a speeding freight train under the night sky, its near relentless fury only easing off occasionally to allow you to take in the stunning celestial view. You know that you might fall but you just don’t care. The experience is exhilarating and for fleeting moments, you are one with the gods. There are more killer riffs than you can handle and more precision-guided melodies fly out of this band than missiles in the Middle East. “Lose Yourself To find Peace” is breath-taking and cathartic, a milestone.

Post-Rock Essentials

Lose Yourself to Find Peace is two massive tracks of sweeping guitars, blistering drums, and massive passages of celestial blackgaze. I get lost in it so easily. The sheer size of this album overshadows most all the other music I’ve listened to this year.

Arctic Drones' 50 Favourite Albums of 2016

(Number 3): This was of the most highly awaited albums this year and superseded all our expectations. It’s two 20-min tracks will make you feel like you are standing on a speeding freight train under the night sky, its near relentless fury only easing off occasionally to allow you to take in the stunning celestial view. You know that you might fall but you just don’t care. More killer riffs and precision-guided melodies fly out of this band than in the black-clad war-painted legions of darkness. The experience is exhilarating and for fleeting moments, you are one with the gods.Lose Yourself To find Peace” is breath-taking and cathartic, a milestone.

Post-Rock Essentials Top 30 Releases of 2016

You must hear this album, and you must lose yourself in it. Give in to the storm, and be swept away by its beautifully violent soundscapes.

Arctic Drones

Aaron Edwards

Este trio instrumental tem sido uma das maiores surpresas da cena do blackgaze desde a sua formação em 2013, através de longas composições que unem imaculadamente a estética do black metal com as texturas etéreas do shoegaze.

Threshold Magazine

João Barata

Through somber but gleaming guitar reverberations and cascading waves of shimmering sound, the songs reach for heights of mystical beauty, while blasting drums and the deep hum of the bass quicken the pulse. Lighter and softer passages of strummed chords and head-bobbing rhythms invoke the wistfulness of happier memories. Joy and hopefulness seem to persist in the vibrancy that blazes within the album’s core, never overwhelmed by the mantle of sorrow that periodically descends as you make your way through Earthcult.

No Clean Singing


Ici, il y a ce souffle stupéfiant que déploient les instruments, dans des vagues impétueuses où les sons semblent toujours à deux doigts de se noyer. Dans l’emballement de la batterie, dans la furie des guitares. Mais il y a aussi cette effluve éthérée, qui survole l’ensemble. Là où la mélodie s’extirpe des réverbérations de cordes, et vient chanter par-delà la tempête sonore. Ces contrastes font toute la force et la beauté de ce disque où la musique sait se faire aussi puissamment écrasante, que magnifiquement enveloppante. Superbe.

Il sound dei Trna, che mantiene ben salde le proprie radici black, è avvolto da una costante aura cosmica e sognante che per una volta mi fa affermare che sì, tutto sommato della voce se ne può anche a meno: il flusso sonoro scorre tra un brano all’altro rendendo tutto sommato superflua la suddivisione in tracce; le brevi pause sono funzionali a far tratte un respiro all’ascoltatore tra una lunga cavalcata e l’altra, per cui le pennellate intitolate Earthcult, Everywhere and Nowhere, The Heart of Time e Thaw riescono davvero a rappresentare in un maniera compiuta quell’unità tra l’uomo e la natura alla quale sarebbe bene tendessimo tutti noi, anche al di fuori dell’aspetto prettamente musicale. Earthcult è un disco bellissimo, vivamente consigliato a chi vuole ascoltare musica avvolgente ed emozionante senza che tutto ciò vada ad attenuarne la brillantezza e la varietà ritmica.

Much like the album art, this album is both beautiful and utterly haunting. Every fan of atmospheric music should check this thing out.

Metal Trenches


Earthcult”, este o excursie luxuriantă într-un univers revigorant, care îmbină o perspectivă strălucitoare, împreună cu o combinație de speranță, melancolie, dorință și momente ocazionale de întuneric. Rifurile chitărilor construiesc în mod constant fondul muzical cu foarte putine si scurte pauze pentru liniste, ajungand rapid într-un punct culminant, din care piesele se recupereaza și reiau tendința ascendentă.

Studio Rock


Auf den gleichnamigen Album beginnt, sollte man sich anschnallen. Denn am Anfang des Tonträgers von Trna, einem Trio aus Russland, erhebt sich ebenso ein metallischer wie melodischer Orkan, der gut 15 Minuten tobt, und den instrumentalen Beweis antritt, das der Postrock, von dem man glaubt alles gehört zu haben, noch immer Neues zu bieten hat. Das gilt auch für die anderen ebenfalls 15 Minuten langen Stücke.

Mitteldeutsche Zeitung


Their music is a crystal-clear mirror into the soul of our world. It recognizes the crumbling ruins of what once was and traverses those cracks in the surface that still allow the light to burst through from within. Their newest creation, the 4-track, 65-minute behemoth Earthcult, is a poem to the painfully dignified world around us, which silent labors to continue providing safety and sustenance while we pursue our cruelest ambitions to its utter detriment. TRNA has transitioned from an intriguing fringe artist to a legit powerhouse with an early contender for record of the year to its credit. As their sound continues to expand and mature they have truly come to define what could be for blackgaze music – a towering, swirling maelstrom of sound that offers an inviting benevolence beneath the violence of its exterior, welcoming those willing to journey within and rewarding them with a fresh and invigorating connection to a beauty we may well have thought lost.

Arctic Drones

David Zeidler

Trna is a self-proclaimed “hurricane full of emotion,” and it’s a mission statement that comes to fruition on the Russian trio’s third album, Earthcult. It’s one of the rare metal albums that would perfectly soundtrack an evening spent stargazing.


Sam Sodomsky

It feels really primitive to get lost in these hazy clouds of blackened shoegaze brimming with the transmundane energy of post-metal and yes, I am a happy camper. These phantoms for tunes glide smoothly through the ambient exhalations of guitar chords facing little to none impedance which is pretty much the crux of “Earthcult”. As the omnipresent melody of one song melts effortlessly into another, the overall listening experience is bound to overwhelm your inherent perception as it ends up playing around with the darkest corners of your psyche but still keeping the ominous tragedies at bay.

The Offbeat Rhetoric


Stürzt sich der Dreier in berserkerhaftes Dauerfeuer, das auch schon mal mit blackmetallischen Dringlichkeiten aufwartet. Was aber nicht bedeutet, dass „Earthcult“ zum unhörbaren Koloss geriet. Die harmonischen Momente halten alles zusammen und sorgen nebenbei dafür, dass die Pferde mit den Musikern nicht zu sehr durchgehen. Und sollte dennoch ein leichtes Ohrenbluten auftreten, ja, dafür gibt es immerhin noch Wattepads.

Betreutes Proggen

Carsten Agthe

“Earthcult” er over de gehele lijn best een vrij hoog tempo op na, waarbij de blast beats ons geregeld om de oren vliegen. Trna weet ondanks het gebrek aan zang toch een dromerige en meeslepende sfeer te creëren: als luisteraar word je een uur lang meegevoerd doorheen het desolate bos dat op de albumhoes wordt afgebeeld.


Dass es alleine zwei Songs gelingt mehr Emotionen zu transportieren, als es manches im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes „besser bestückte“ Album schafft, ist alleine schon bemerkenswert.TRNA lässt in den Ohren seiner Hörer ein Feuerwerk an Ideen explodieren und entfesselt dabei mitreißende Energien, die noch lange in den Gehörgängen nachhallen. Die überschaubare Truppe funktioniert in der Zusammenarbeit so gut, dass es klingt, als würde hier eine Band mit weit mehr Mitgliedern auf der imaginären Bühne stehen. „Lose Yourself to Find Peace“ – einen besseren Titel hätte man für dieses fantastisch-faszinierende Album nicht finden können. In seinen beiden Songs kann man sich problemlos verlieren und findet (wenn man sich auf die Suche einlässt) auch ein Stück zu sich selbst. Trna bringen etwas ans Licht der Öffentlichkeit, dass ich gut und gerne als Musik gewordene Meditation bezeichnen kann – auch wenn es mit Sicherheit eine etwas andere Art der Meditation darstellt. Aber wer hat gesagt, dass man nur in der Stille zu sich selbst finden kann?



Earthcult es un trabajo más oscuro que se ocupa por ir más allá de lo tradicional, con él se buscó crear un sonido iracundo y pesado sin dejar de lado la elegancia, si el anterior material te invitaba a perderte en ti mismo para encontrar la paz, en este es todo lo contrario, pues la contundencia de los elementos que lo componen de entrada son una representación sonora de la relación que el ser humano guarda con la naturaleza, es decir, algo que si bien es bello, también es muy violento. Hablamos de un material que va más allá de los paradigmas que envuelven al metal instrumental moderno, de un trabajo que indudablemente dotó de una nueva identidad muy propia y definida a este trío ruso. Escuchar Earthcult es fundirte totalmente con la naturaleza en un campo que roza lo cósmico, que va más allá de lo terrenal, y a pesar de que el viaje que implica escucharlo culmina sin haberse pronunciado ni una sola palabra, el mensaje es claro: la oscuridad y violencia es inherente a nuestra propia naturaleza.

Es un disco que te pide que lo escuches con las entrañas para poder sentir todo lo que tiene que transmitirte que no es poco. Me ha encantado porque es capaz de ponerte el vello de punta desde el principio hasta el final. Te deja sin palabras. Por supuesto que tiene un merecido sobresaliente.

Dioses del Metal


Het is opnieuw erg moeilijk om niet verliefd te worden op de dromerige en ontroerende postblack van deze heren. Drukke drumpatronen die exploderen na hypnotiserende ritmeversnellingen die zonder dat je het beseft versnellen in een stroom van sfeer en emotie, een leadgitaar als een sirene (de mythologische figuur, niet het signaal om te gaan lunchen) en hartverwarmende spanninsgbogen die je laten gloeien als waren het goedaardige kosmische stralingen. En tegelijkertijd is het een bitterzoete bedoeing vol melancholische bezweringen. Gemengde gevoelens die samen de ziel meer je ziel beroeren dan apart. Earthcult bevat het allemaal en laat je consequent leiden en genieten. Live moet dit ongetwijfeld een tranentrekkend gebeuren zijn.

Zware Metalen

Bart Al Foet

Ο καταπληκτικός ήχος τους είναι το πρώτο πράγμα που έχω να παρατηρήσω. Απίστευτο βάθος στις κιθάρες με το reverb να πάει σύννεφο, ογκώδες μπάσο, θαυμάσιος ήχος στα τύμπανα και όλα αυτά αρμονικά δεμένα μεταξύ τους. Το “Earthcult” φέρει όλα τα χαρακτηριστικά μίας instrumental post black κυκλοφορίας, με ότι αυτό συνεπάγεται… Τα θέματα εκτυλίσσονται αργά και συχνά επαναλαμβάνονται πολλάκις. Τα blasts διαδέχονται αργοί ρυθμοί και έτερα ενίοτε πλησιάζουν το blackgaze με το ηχόχρωμα και την μελωδικότητά τους. Αν και τεράστιες σε διάρκεια, οι συνθέσεις δε με κούρασαν, ακόμη και μετά από αρκετές ακροάσεις. Παρατηρώ ότι το τρίο επιδιώκει τις ευρωπαϊκές περιοδείες, οπότε ελπίζω ο δρόμος να τους βγάλει και από Ελλάδα κάποια στιγμή.

Deep Beneath

Epik. Über dieses Wort stolpert man oft, wenn man mit instrumentalen Bands aus dem Bereich Postrock/Postmetal konfrontiert wird. Das Blackgaze-Postrock-Trio Trna aus Sankt-Petersburg matched mit dem Wort aber tatsächlich ganz gut. Vom Debüt Pattern of Infinity über den Nachfolger Lose yourself to find peace entwickelte sich bereits ein apartes, monumentales Ambiete. Nun beim Release des dritten Albums Earthcult am 5. März 2018 wurde am Zenith angedockt. 65 Minuten, 4 Tracks, pechschwarze Katharsis.

Curt München

Melanie Castillo

What I find most peculiar and fascinating about Trna, is how they blend that postrock feeling with black metal ferocity, to create something truly strong and condensed. As an everflowing stream, their music rolls ever onward, like a river through the forests, in violent turmoil …

Stranger Aeons


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TRNA “Earthcult” Smoldering Woodland Vinyl Edition Release

Berne, Switzerland, November 29, 2019: Elusive Sound is delighted to announce the repress of TRNA’s third album “Earthcult” on vinyl. Mastered by Mikhail Kurochkin, cut from 24bit masters at 33rpm and featuring full artwork by renowned artist Adam Hall, “Earthcult” is now repressed on 180g+ vinyl variant edition named Smoldering Woodland. The Smoldering Woodland edition [...]

TRNA “Earthcult” Vinyl Pre-Order

Berne, Switzerland, September 26, 2019: Elusive Sound is delighted to announce the release of TRNA’s third album “Earthcult” on vinyl. Cut from 24-bit masters at 33RPM and mastered by Mikhail Kurochkin, the Earthcult vinyl release features full artwork by renowned painter Adam Hall. “Earthcult” will be available on three double vinyl 180g+ vinyl variant editions [...]

TRNA “Lose Yourself To Find Peace” Fraxinus Excelsior Edition Vinyl Pre-Order

Berne, Switzerland, September 26, 2019: Elusive Sound is delighted to announce the repress of TRNA’s second album “Lose Yourself To Find Peace” on vinyl. Mastered by Mikhail Kurochkin and featuring full artwork by Polina Washington, "Lose Yourself To Find Peace" is now repressed on 180g+ vinyl variant edition named Fraxinus Excelsior, limited to 250 copies [...]

TRNA Release Ohm Live Video

Trna have released a video for "Everywhere and Nowhere" from their third album "Earthcult". The video is from a live session at Ohm Studio in Saint-Petersburg. Recorded and Mixed by Mikhail Kurochkin and filmed by the Ohm Collective, the performance drops just a few days before they head out on a European Tour with Show [...]

TRNA and Show Me A Dinosaur Announce 2019 European Tour

We are excited to announce the 2019 European Tour of Trna and Show Me A Dinosaur. The tour will start in Riga, Latvia on 30/03. The bands will also be performing in Vilnius, Berlin, Gothenburg, Copenhagen, Braunschweig, Paris, Lyon, Lucerne, Wien, Bratislava, Budapest, Minsk, Moscow before finishing in their hometown of Saint-Petersburg on 27/04. There [...]

Show Me A Dinosaur & TRNA Join Shake the Cage Cup

Show Me A Dinosaur and TRNA have gotten behind the Australian initiative Shake The Cage Cup, helping to raise money for causes in need of support. Both artists have given participating  film creators permission to use their music to create powerful content that raises awareness about an issue they care about and is in vital [...]

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Trna creates dark fierce music that is powerfully evocative and overwhelming like the destructive beauty of nature. Trna’s incessant and untamed fury soars in ethereal dreamscapes and awakens the phoenix in us all.



Trna’s pressbook is still in the works. You can download the cover of “Earthcult” for the time being.

Download “Earthcult” cover in HD