silent whale becomes a dream requiem

Silent Whale Becomes A° Dream Release “Requiem”

Elusive Sound proudly presents the full digital release of "REQUIEM" by Silent Whale Becomes A° Dream on 18 November. Pre-orders are open on Bandcamp. Recorded by Yannick Tournier and featuring string direction by Julien Costa, this is the long awaited-return of this extraordinary French instrumental rock band whose music can be categorised in the genres of post-rock, ethereal, orchestral, drone and avant-garde. Though the band remains enigmatic, the transcendent beauty of their music has led to cult status, especially with many [...]
whale screenshot dies irae teaser

Silent Whale Becomes A° Dream Announce New Album “Requiem”

"To the sea we release everything for it so zealously keeps our secrets. From the sea, we regain the will to rise again". Silent Whale Becomes A° Dream have announced a new album "REQUIEM" with a video teaser and an exclusive live world premiere tonight at the one-of-a-kind Vivid a postrock festival in Kristiansand, Norway. "REQUIEM" is the first full-length Silent Whale Becomes A° Dream release since their awe-inspiring debut album "Canopy", initially self-released in 2009. More news to come.
au revoir on tour

Au Revoir Announce European Tour 2017

Au Revoir have announced their very first  European Tour for November, 2017. "We have been very quiet for the past year because we decided we would invest all our energy and funds into touring Europe. This November will see us over there for our first time as a band. To say we are excited is an understatement. We also released a new song entitled "Sundowning" please check these things out, share them and also hit one of the shows if [...]
blak amfest

BLAK Live at AMFest 2017

BLAK will be performing at this year's edtion of AMFest. AMFest will not only be the first opportunity fans will have to see BLAK live but also their very first live performance. The band has been busily rehearsing as a five piece and is incredibly excited with the prospect of  finally being able to perform tracks from their highly acclaimed debut album "Between Darkness and Light" in front of a live audience. AMFest also known as the Instrumental Festival of [...]
ravena laocoön

Ravena with Elusive Sound

We are very proud to announce that we have signed the post-rock/post-metal band Ravena. This trio from Modesto, California stunned us with their unique creative vision and inspired suspense-filled compositions. Their dark epic wonder of a debut “Laocoön” is a haunting and brooding sonic journey at dusk that reveals a desolate, eerie beauty. We will be releasing "Laocoön" on vinyl in 2018. Four ethereal post-rock movements that unveil a shadowy intensity and devastating beauty. “Laocoön” has an ominously thrilling tone. [...]
Blankenberge band  live 9

Blankenberge with Elusive Sound

We are very proud to announce that we have signed the shoegaze dream pop band Blankenberge. Based in Saint-Petersburg, Russian Federation, Blankenberge create warm reverb-drenched, drone-raging songs that swell into soaring ethereal harmonies. We are thrilled to announce that we will be releasing their wondrous full-length debut album "Radiogaze" on vinyl in early 2018. "It’s a wonder. The sonic caverns are deeper, the vocals more assured, the space they inhabit is fully their own. Already critically lauded as one of the [...]
between darkness and light

BLAK Release Debut “Between Darkness and Light”

Catalan heavy instrumental rock/post-rock band BLAK have finally digitally released their debut full-length album "Between Darkness and Light" on Bandcamp.  All those who message the band directly on Facebook will get a 20% discount. Mixed and mastered by Randy Cordner at Beast Mansion, “Between Darkness And Light” reveals BLAK as a band blessed with an extraordinary ability to create powerfully evocative and stunningly beautiful classical-influenced compositions with haunting atmospherics and an expansive, cinematic sound. We are thrilled that the band's [...]

VIVID, a post-rock festival 2017 with Show Me A Dinosaur and Silent Whale Becomes A° Dream

There's a time and a place to wonder. VIVID. a post-rock festival 2017 will be held this year on the 29 and 30 of September and will feature two Elusive Sound titans in Show Me A Dinosaur and Silent Whale Becomes A° Dream. VIVID. a post-rock festival is an annual Post-Rock/ Post-Metal festival held in Kristiansand, on the undeniably lovely south coast of Norway. It is a unique music festival which experiments with new ways of involving audience and audio-visual expressions. [...]
fabien montes live 1

Silent Whale Becomes A° Dream With Elusive Sound

It is with hand on heart that we send word to all seekers in Europe, the US and beyond that we have found them, the dream weavers, the masters of melancholia and longing. This band should need no introduction and it is with great honour and happiness that after many months of continued correspondence we now reveal to you a dream made flesh. Elusive Sound and Silent Whale Becomes A° Dream are one. May their music continue to grow in [...]
alcest show

Show Me A Dinosaur Live at Zal Ozhidaniya

03.04.2017 A few hours after the bomb blast on a metro train leaving Sennaya Ploshchad station in the centre of St Petersburg, Show Me A Dinosaur took the stage at Zal Ozhidaniya Club in Saint-Petersburg . Opening for Alcest at the Clubzal on the darkest of days and with Artyom struggling with a very sore throat, Show Me A Dinosaur played a short set including Rakev, Vjuga, Gone and Wojna that you can watch below. Thanks to metalafisha for the video.
a thousand arms

Elusive Sound Official Merchandiser

We are delighted to announce A Thousand Arms as the official online merchandiser for Elusive Sound in North America and Australia. Elusive Sound and A Thousand Arms share a passion for music and a vision for excellence in product manufacturing and customer service. Unlike other band merchandising companies that use auto-presses, A Thousand Arms prints every piece of apparel by hand. Attention to detail is paramount in the production of merchandise to ensure that every product meets the highest quality [...]
Au Revoir Page Announcement

Au Revoir “Veles” Pre-Order Announcement

Berne, Switzerland, February 10, 2017: Elusive Sound is very proud to announce the release of Au Revoir's "Veles" on vinyl in Europe. Pre-orders start Friday, February 17 at 20:00 Zurich time. Official release date March 3, 2017. Au Revoir are a heavy expansive instrumental rock five-piece from New Jersey. The band now consisting of Eric Annicchiarico, Tyler Mandich and Gregg Peterson on guitar, Carl Kranz on bass and Tyler Gilbert on drums have an exceptional ability to create sublime, expansive [...]
post-rock essentials logo large

Au Revoir, Show Me A Dinosaur and Trna in Post-Rock Essentials Top 30 Releases of 2016

Post-Rock Essentials made their top 30 releases list for the year 2016 and we could not be more proud and thankful that it features 3 of our artists, Show Me A Dinosaur at number 12, Au Revoir at number 7 and Trna at number 3. All three bands left their mark in 2016 by creating massive albums - each of them in an different style, but connected through the realm of Post-Rock. Here is what Post-Rock Essentials had to say about each release. 12.) Show Me A [...]

Au Revoir Release Reverie On Hemispheres

Au Revoir have an unreleased track named "Reverie" featured on the compilation "Hemispheres: Volume I" released by A Thousand Arms and curated by David Zeidler (Arctic Drones). Mixed and Mastered by Scot Moriarty and recorded during the "Veles" sessions, "Reverie" is featured on side A of "Hemispheres Volume I". "Hemispheres: Volume I" is A Thousand Arms second compilation, comprised of two sides, Side A features 18 bands from the the Northern Hemisphere and Side B features 18 bands from the [...]
Buran dinosaur

Show Me A Dinosaur Live At Buran Festival

The Buran Music Festival saw Show Me A Dinosaur play two shows, Saint Petersburg and Moscow in the company of Powder! go away, Aesthesys, Verticals and Sequoian Aequison. Buran was DIY Primitive Booking’s first international music festival and despite a late cancellation of a Swedish band,  both nights were a great success with hundreds in attendance and Show Me A Dinosaur in fine form on both enthralling nights. Hopefully Buran Festival will see a second edition in 2017. Footage from their incredibly [...]
eloi casellas recording debut

BLAK Announce End of Recording

Fantastic news just two days before Xmas. Spellbounding 3-piece BLAK have announced that they have completed recording their first album.  You can read the band's full facebook post below: Sometimes things can't remain silent and you struggle to find a way to put them into words. It hits you, there's no hand to hold and to jump seems the only way. You close your eyes. There's darkness and calm, your body does it for you because that's the way how [...]
trna live

Trna Solo Shows for Late Autumn

Trna have prepared a big surprise for fans with two big solo shows booked for Saint Petersburg and Moscow for the last days of autumn. Primitive Booking has announced that the band is scheduled to play November 19 in Saint Petersburg at the Griboyedov and November 26 in Moscow at the Motherhall in what will surely be two very special long catharsis-inducing late night sets with the band seamlessly delivering tracks from their oceanic debut "Pattern Of Infinity" and latest [...]
dinosaur live

Dinosaur at the Buran Music Festival

Primitive Booking proudly presents the Buran Music Festival, a breathtaking post-rock festival in Russia! Show Me A Dinosaur will be playing two dates in Saint Petersburg and Moscow in the company of Oh Hiroshima, Powder! go away, Aesthesys, Verticals and Sequoian Aequison. Buran is DIY Primitive Booking's first international music festival. "We are excited to announce our first attempt at organizing an international music festival. Buran is a whirlwind of the most magical music able to reach the essence of [...]
trna lose yourself

TRNA with Elusive Sound

Lose Yourself to Find Peace by Trna We are very proud to announce that we have signed celestial blackgaze pioneers, TRNA.  This incredible 3-piece from Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation creates dark fierce music, powerfully evocative and overwhelming like the destructive beauty of nature. TRNA’s incessant and untamed fury soars in ethereal dreamscapes and awakens the phoenix in us all. We will be releasing their phenomenal new album “Lose Yourself to Find Peace” on vinyl in 2017. "Saint-Petersburg post-black metal 3-piece TRNA, [...]
au revoir october tour

Au Revoir October Tour

Brace yourselves for the full force of impact! Au Revoir have announced an October 2016 Tour that kicks off on October 14 in Elyria, OH. The band will then play Hamtramck, Kalamazoo, Chicago, Rockford, Minneapolis, Milwaukee and Champaign. On October 22, Au Revoir will be appearing at the Woopsie Fest in St. Louis, MO where they will then be joined by friends A Film In Color for the remainder of the Tour, in Cincinnati, Columbus, Morgantown and finally Philadelphia on [...]
dino vinyl pre-order

Show Me A Dinosaur “Self-Titled” Vinyl Pre-order

Berne, Switzerland, September 9, 2016: Elusive Sound is very proud to announce the release of Show Me A Dinosaur's self-titled second album on vinyl. Pre-orders start September 9 at 20:00 Zurich time. Official release date September 16, 2016 It is said that almost every element on Earth was formed at the heart of a star. Our bodies are made of their remnants and massive explosions in the galaxies. Everything we are originates from stardust and it continually floats through us. [...]
show me a dinosaur live digital

Show Me A Dinosaur Release “Live”

Show Me A Dinosaur have released "Live" digitally on Bandcamp. Recorded and mixed by Mikhail Kurochkin at their very first solo show on 24 of June, 2016 at the Fishfabrique Nouvelle club in Saint Petersburg, "Live" is the sound of a band relentlessly driven and showcases the energy and intensity of their live shows.  This  93 minute set not only includes tracks off their stunning new album “Show Me A Dinosaur” but also off their debut “Evolvent” EP and first album”Dust“. Listen and [...]
au revoir summer shows

Au Revoir Announce Summer Shows

Veles returns this summer! Au Revoir have announced summer shows for late July. All dates and venues are listed below. Keep up-to-date with any additions or changes on the Events page at July 27 Montclair NJ (73 See Gallery) July 28 Montreal QC - La Vitrola July 29 Burlington VT - Starfleet Command (w/ TDB) July 30 Providence RI - AS220 (w/ Tyler Daniel Bean Official Split Release Show) July 31 Philadelphia PA - The Pharmacy (Venus Be Fest 2016 w/ [...]
show me a dinosaur ffn 2016

Live At The FFN 2016

Show Me A Dinosaur played their first ever solo show in Saint-Petersburg at the FFN on 24 June.  It was a very special night. The set not only included tracks off their stunning new album "Show Me A Dinosaur" but also off their debut "Evolvent" EP and first album"Dust".  It is likely that some of these tracks were played for the very last time.  You can watch the full 102-minute FFN show below. Sound recorded and mixed by the ever-reliable master knobsman  Mikhail Kurochkin. [...]
glasir darkness

Fresno Show Brings To Light The Darkness Soon To Come

Glasir played at the Chinatown Youth Centre in Fresno, California on June 11. The set consisted of four tracks which will feature on their forthcoming debut album. "With these new pieces, we are tapping into roots of Glasir that stretch far deeper into the cold, dry land than anything we have previously unearthed. Our upcoming LP, which has been tracked and is currently in the mixing stage, will make this transition abundantly clear." - Nate Ferguson (Glasir) On this return [...]
glasir unborn gleaming grove

Glasir “Unborn” EP Vinyl Pre-order

Berne, Switzerland, June 21, 2016:  Elusive Sound is very proud to announce the release of Glasir “Unborn” EP on vinyl for the very first time. Pre-orders start June 24, 18:00 Zurich Time. Official release date July 8, 2016 Included in Post-Rock Essentials Best Releases of 2015, "Unborn" is the first EP by Texas based sonic seekers Glasir and the first Elusive Sound release.  Working with perfectionist producer and audio engineer Sam Hunt  out in McKinney, Texas,  Glasir is a project  [...]
dino live

Show Me A Dinosaur Saint-Petersburg Solo Show

Show Me A Dinosaur have announced their first ever solo show in Saint-Petersburg. Dinosaur will be playing the Fish Fabrique Nouvelle on 24 June in what promises to be an unmissable show for Saint-Petersburg Dino fans.  The set will include not only tracks off their furious new album "Show Me A Dinosaur" but also tracks off their atmospheric debut "Evolvent" EP and the darkly menacing post-metal driven "Dust".  It is likely that some of these tracks will be played for the [...]
Au revoir

Au Revoir Live At Door No. 3, Chicago IL

Au Revoir Spring MMXVI US Tour 7 April, 2016, Door No.3, Chicago IL This chicago bill featured both Atsuko Chiba and Au Revoir, who played a blinding set as can be seen in the footage below. The second video features a song titled "Repose", the first song Au Revoir had recorded with vocals since 2012's "In The Key Of Night". Tor Johnson and Orb Weaver Press released the track in March on a split 7" with Tyler Daniel Bean called "Live At [...]
Au Revoir live as2220 Providence 2015

Au Revoir in Suh Dude

Suh Dude! Au Revoir's spring tour is over and the lads have compiled a great video that sums up tour life perfectly. We're very proud to have these amazing guys on board with us. Suh Dude! "The “Suh Dude” phrase came from one of those instantly viral youtube internet videos. I think the fellas responsible have extinguished their 15 minutes of fame, but they’ve definitely left a lasting impression. Before the 2016 full US tour began, one of our members posted [...]
keldog screenshot 01

Glasir Film Debut

Glasir make their film debut with "Precipice", the opening track on the  "Unborn" EP featured in "KelDog".   "KelDog" is a short film about a young girl who has been left alone, abandoned with only her training to guide her. She was taught and trained by her father, known to her only as MelWolf, to survive, adapt, and live harmoniously with her environment. MelWolf must leave unexpectedly and promises his return to young KelDog. True to her training and her loyalty to MelWolf, KelDog [...]
Show Me A Dinosaur

Show Me A Dinosaur with Elusive Sound

Show Me A Dinosaur by Show Me A Dinosaur We are very proud to announce that we have signed the heavy post-rock blackgaze band Show Me A Dinosaur. This formidable four-piece from Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation has evolved into one of the most emotionally intense, genre-defying and awe-inspiring bands in Europe and we are absolutely thrilled to be releasing their stunning new self-titled juggernaut of an album on vinyl. You can listen to the song "Gone" here:

Blak with Elusive Sound

We are very proud to announce that we have signed the heavy instrumental rock band BLAK. Blessed with the ability to create stunningly beautiful, classical-influenced compositions with an expansive, cinematic sound, this band from Roda De Ter, Catalonia immediately caught our attention with their contribution to the soundtrack for Miquel Casals’ short film “Vostok”. One listen and there was no hesitation in making this trio our first European signing. The band is currently working on their first album which we will [...]
au revoir live at gnarnia 2013

Au Revoir Live At Gnarnia

A surprisingly spectacular post-rock set from an unknown band at the time of filming. Here is the full performance from New Jersey's Au Revoir at Gnarnia in Los Angeles (08/11/13). Shot in the dark, with a Canon 60D, the trusty 18-135mm lense, and a RODE stereo mic, this set came out pretty fantastic in the standard L2S color grading. (C) 2013 LIFE2short Productions   "Our second Los Angeles show of this 2013 Full US tour. This one was our friends [...]
Au Revoir live as2220 Providence 2015

Au Revoir Spring MMXVI US Tour

Spring MMXVI US Tour - Au Revoir has announced that they will be embarking on a Spring 2016 Tour which will immediately follow the release of  their eagerly anticipated new album "Veles" on 1 March.  The Spring tour will start in Montclair on 3 March. Eric Annicchiarico is all set and in eager anticipation. "This will be our longest tour yet. 42 days in total. This will bring the amount of states we will have played to 37. We will be meeting up with [...]
au revoir live at gallery 5

Au Revoir Spring Tour With Atsuko Chiba, 2015

"In the Spring of 2014, when we first ventured north to Canada, we honestly had no idea what to expect aside from probably getting denied from the border patrol because of horror stories we’d read. We did everything we could to prepare ourselves to enter into Canada properly and it still proved to be for not. However, with some resilience and the approval to enter a day late - missing what was set to be our first Montreal show - [...]
veles cover

Au Revoir with Elusive Sound

Veles by Au Revoir We are very proud to announce that we will be releasing Au Revoir's Veles on vinyl in Europe. Au Revoir are a heavy expansive instrumental doom rock five piece from New Jersey that has stolen our hearts with their exceptional ability to create sublime, expansive soundscapes and hypnotic crushing doom. After two solid releases in “In the Key Of Night” and “Black Hills” Au Revoir went into Backroom Studios with the intent of their next album [...]
glasir unborn original artwork

Glasir with Elusive Sound

Elusive Sound's mission is to support and enhance artistic expression in artists that share a similar vision and release their art with the highest quality on the vinyl format. We are very proud to announce  Glasir's "Unborn" EP as our first release. It took only a few minutes to realize that we were listening to greatness. Glasir's music is as resplendent as the gleaming tree from which they have taken their name. It is as loud as a thunderous grey [...]