The Mission

Elusive Sound is a Switzerland-based label dedicated to releasing highly conceptual genre defying music. Elusive’s mission is to support and enhance artistic expression in artists that share a similar vision and release their art with the highest quality on the vinyl format.

The name Elusive Sound originates from the desire to stimulate and support evanesecent artists who otherwise may easily cease to exist if their artistic creative soul is extinguished. We will keep their flame alive and ensure that their creations will be heard forever.

We are three. Three who with every rising sun look out towards a new horizon, out beyond the empty quarter and seek that which makes our hearts beat incessantly. We shall set a trail that a seeker can follow and discover music which would otherwise remain undetectable and evasive. We seek the sound of life, love, healing and restoration, the everlasting sound of unfeigned emotions released at long last.
In February 2020, we were joined by a fourth member, from the shadows he emerged to be our social media manager.

We shall shield those skilful artists who choose to avoid self-revelation and intentionally hide behind their inspired and expansive creations, making them all the more equivocal and difficult to capture within that which is known and can be systematically categorized and explained. We want the listener to be left to their own imagination and interpretation, free to explore and embrace that which frees their minds and grows in their hearts. Follow the trail. Reap your reward.

The Logo

Our logo was designed by the exceptionally talented illustrator Alex CF. The spiral is one of the oldest, universal symbols. It represents the cosmic force, a doorway to life, the cycles of time and nature, a spiritual journey, evolution, learning, growing, emanation, winding and unwinding, birth and death and the dynamic aspect of things. It forms from within the glass of clear vision, clairvoyance in the seeker’s hands as they stride towards their destiny by following the stars in the darkness of the night sky.

The Website

Our official site was designed by the incredibly talented designer, multi-instrumentalist and composer from Roda de Ter, Catalonia, Eloi Casellas.

Our endless gratitude Eloi for your passion, commitment, resilience and vision. Thank you for fleshing out our ideas and joining us on this journey.

Elusive Sound
Weierweg 34, 3053 Muenchenbuchsee, Switzerland

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