Glasir is a band from Dallas, Texas that consists of longtime collaborators and enigmatic sonic seekers Nate Ferguson on bass, Conner McKibbin on guitar and Austin Vanbebber on drums. Together they have crafted a heavy siege cannon, one that draws in post-rock, post-metal, drone and ambient doom and is masterfully loaded with enough black blasting powder to fire relentlessly at all levels.

Glasir formed in 2014 and released two demos that same year –  the first simply titled “Demo”, the second “Sickening Joy”.

In 2015, Glasir went into the studio with Sam Hunt for three days and recorded the EP “Unborn” which was digitally released on 10 May, 2015. That summer the band toured the East and West Coast and on 13 October, 2015 became Elusive Sound’s first signing. “Unborn” was met with rave reviews and included in Post-Rock Essentials Best Releases of 2015.

In January 2016, Glasir went on tour with their good friends Auric  and started working on their first album. In May they set off on a tour of the Northwest. On 8 July, 2016, the “Unborn” EP was finally released  on two stunning vinyl variants, a standard edition named “Giallarbru” and a stunning deluxe edition named “Gleaming Grove”. Both variants sold out.

On 3 August, 2018 Elusive Sound posted on social media artwork featuring an eclipse and just the words New Dark Age, coming soon. On 11 August the label finally revealed it was to be Glasir’s long-awaited return with a debut full-length album.

“New Dark Age” was released digitally on 31 August 2018 with a vinyl release soon to follow.


Glasir has bestowed upon us in “Unborn” the first of hopefully many golden leaves to come. Check it out and revel in its commanding, devastating glory.

Arctic Drones

David Zeidler

Il est parfois de petits disques qui font de très gros effets. Du haut de ses trois pièces, « Unborn », premier EP du trio texan Glasir, m’a ainsi retourné les tympans. Un petit disque réussi et ébouriffant à souhait. A écouter volume à fond.


The songs on Unborn display the band’s ability to create nuanced and textured tracks with incredible dynamic range. Can’t wait to hear this record on vinyl!

Live Eye TV

An EP consisiting of „only“ three Tracks with a running time of 23 minutes has easily made it‘s way into our Best Of lists

Post-Rock Essentials

“Unborn” hits hard on both the ears and the heart, blending sincerity, musical expertise and intelligence.

Heavy Blog Is Heavy

Mark Valentino

There is literally nothing about this EP that I don’t like. The production is fantastic!

Echoes & Dust

The wait will not have been in vain for listeners, particularly those post-rock fans who have been leaning more and more into doomgazing territories in recent years. In keeping with themes initially laid out in Unborn this is not a record for an impatient audience, but its rewards run deep. Those dedicated to this brand of music should be enthralled by the push-and-pull of slow-burning, foreboding menace and hard-fought, scarred beauty waiting to be found within the dark passageways of their painstakingly rendered compositions.

Heavy Blog Is Heavy

David Zeidler

Glasir record music in hopes of arming people with energy rather than guns, enough to keep fighting the good fight in the face of overwhelming odds. Most fans will be eyeing that 11:38 track, “Black Seas of Eternity,” from the get-go. The track virtually pounces on the listener with layers of sludge and doom. The pulse is quickened, the senses stirred, as the music courses through the speakers like water through a broken dam. Again the band slows things down, but this time returns to its prior level of energy, giving the listener a sense of empowerment. The world can weigh us down; but music can build us up. The fact that Glasir is intentional about such an effect adds to our overall appreciation.

A Closer Listen

Richard Allen

Du haut de ses six morceaux sans paroles, « New Dark Age » peint le sombre destin de l’humanité dans sa lutte pour sa survie, étirant le drame à la faveur de paysages sonores d’une intensité saisissante. Un disque noir et beau, à découvrir. Alors qu’il fait se côtoyer post-rock, post-metal, doom et drone dans un mélange des genres savoureux, Glasir réussit une fois de plus avec brio le grand écart entre résonances enchanteresses et déferlements de rage désespérés. Là où la basse, la guitare et la batterie se répondent puis se joignent en coeur dans la tonitruance de vibrations intenses et savoureuses. Superbe.



“New Dark Age” is the very definition of what it means to take the two different styles of post and create something that can only be considered as incredibly immersive and satisfying to the very end. Glasir really impresses with this new album, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see this record become a cult classic.


Head-banger Reviews


Informed by the apocalyptic urge that seems to lie buried somewhere in our collective unconscious, throughout New Dark Age, Glasir gives voice to our most desperate and destructive impulses with an equally unforgiving sound. Ferguson’s bass combines blackened tone with a mammoth heaviness, while Vanbebber’s drumming adds a visceral brutality thru his pounding kick drum and violent cymbal crashes. Buoyed by this rhythmic onslaught, McKibbin carves downward cycling guitar lines laced with anxiety and dread.  New Dark Age is a towering post-rock foray into the extremes of our apocalyptic future.



Live Eye TV

Black Box Bob

New Dark Age“ kommt komplett instrumental, die Bilder von einerseits erdrückender Schönheit, andererseits kompromissloser Zerstörung entstehen einmal mehr ohne inspirierende Worte bzw. Gesang vor dem inneren Auge. Wenn man sich denn darauf einlässt. Schon mit dem chaotisch anmutenden ‘Into The Sun’ werden die apokalyptischen Visionen von mittelalterlichen Malern wie Bruegel und Bosch zum Leben erweckt. Spätere ein wenig lichtere, ja hoffnungsvolle Momente, wie etwa im sanften ‘Dissolution’, schliddern geradewegs ins eigene Verderben. Und im bezeichnenden ‘Black Seas Of Eternity’ gleitet das Trio in metallische Refugien, wobei der Zwölfminüter im Rahmenteil auf einem einzigen Riff basiert. Wenn sich dann doch noch ein hoffnungsvoller Schimmer im endgültigen ‘Hurt Us Again’ breit macht, dann kann noch nicht alles zu spät sein.



Betreutes Proggen

Carsten Agthe

No es sencillo encontrarse con proyectos que muestren un sonido firme, digno de disfrutar con el corazón en la mano. Aunque difícil no es imposible, y para muestra de ello tenemos al trío texano Glasir y su nueva placa titulada New Dark Age. Glasir compuso un disco muy completo en el que se desencadenan sonidos crudos y agresivos que aluden a nuestro próximo mañana, lleno de sombras que sólo por momentos se disipan con momentos fugaces de tranquilidad. Es el soundtrack perfecto para la nueva era oscura en la que nos estamos sumergiendo por voluntad propia.



A forceful instrumental record which emerges as gloomy as it is vigilant, dark and wide awake, at the same time bringing together the expected post-rock tunefulness with a heavier sound, in a similar manner to their previous breakthrough release, but with a fresher and more unrestrained approach, sounding livelier and more enthused than ever. A little short on twelve minutes, Black Seas of Eternity, is the LP’s centerpiece, and one of the heaviest post-rock numbers of the year, more of which the album has plenty to offer. In the course of three years, Glasir have managed to come up with two impressive firsts: an EP and an album, both of which include some of the finest post-rock we’ve heard in a while which stands on the heavier end of the genre’s spectrum.





E’ davvero difficile riuscire a rendere in maniera così compiuta l’idea concettuale che sta dietro ad un lavoro musicale senza proferire parola: i Glasir ci riescono splendidamente, aiutati da una chiarezza di intenti che rende paradossalmente lineare un sound tutt’altro che semplice, e da un artwork che restituisce i colori innaturali delle città moderne, in realtà ben diversi da quelli che il nostro occhio si ostina voler percepire.



MetalEyes IYE

Stefano Cavanna

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Berne, Switzerland, October 19, 2018: Elusive Sound is delighted to announce the release of Glasir’s debut album “New Dark Age” on vinyl. Recorded by Sam Striker at Native Darkness Productions, “New Dark Age” is the follow-up to their critically acclaimed 2015 EP “Unborn”, the very first Elusive Sound release. This incredible 3-piece from Dallas, Texas, [...]

Glasir Release “New Dark Age”

Elusive Sound proudly presents “New Dark Age“, the long-awaited debut album from American post-rock/post-metal trio Glasir. Recorded and mixed by Sam Striker at Native Darkness Productions and mastered by Randy Cordner at Beast Mansion, “New Dark Age” is the follow-up to their critically acclaimed 2015 EP “Unborn”, the very first Elusive Sound release. This incredible [...]

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Glasir played at the Chinatown Youth Centre in Fresno, California on June 11. The set consisted of four tracks which will feature on their forthcoming debut album. "With these new pieces, we are tapping into roots of Glasir that stretch far deeper into the cold, dry land than anything we have previously unearthed. Our upcoming [...]

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Glasir have crafted a powerfully evocative album where their heavy siege cannon is unleashed and blasts us into a blackened world, where sound resonates in decayed city shells and life submerges in stagnant pools of death. We are one with the shadows hidden midst the smoke hung in a haze that ascends hollow towering walls of steel. It obscures a blood red sun we cannot see yet feel it’s oppressive heat searing down like the breath of hell. This is our tomorrow, a new dark age.