Digital release date: 05 March 2018
Vinyl release date: Coming Soon


01. Earthcult
02. Everywhere And Nowhere
03. The Heart Of Time
04. Thaw

Recorded and mastered by Mikhail Kurochkin and featuring new drummer Timur Yusupov, “EARTHCULT” is the follow-up to “Lose Yourself To Find Peace”, their phenomenal 2016 sophomore album which Elusive Sound released on vinyl in August 2017 and at the time became our fastest selling album. This incredible 3-piece from Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation, creates dark fierce, powerfully evocative and overwhelming music like the destructive beauty of nature. TRNA’s incessant and untamed fury soars in ethereal dreamscapes.

“This album represents the sentiment of the unity of man and nature. The realization that our roots are entwined, that our everyday concerns feel insignificant before the vastness of the universe, nature and life itself. Living in a metropolis and endlessly socializing, we forget who we are. We lose sight of the sacred bond we have with nature, how it nourishes us physically, emotionally, and spiritually. We should desperately try to restore that bond”.

Blind error, avaricious time, adverse fortune,
Deaf envy, vile madness, jealous iniquity,
Crude heart, perverse spirit, insane audacity,
Will not be sufficient to obscure the air for me,
Will not place the veil before my eyes,
Will never bring it about that I shall not
Contemplate my beautiful Sun.

Giordano Bruno
Cause, Principle, and Unity (1584)

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