VIVID, a post-rock festival 2017 with Show Me A Dinosaur and Silent Whale Becomes A° Dream

There’s a time and a place to wonder. VIVID. a post-rock festival 2017 will be held this year on the 29 and 30 of September and will feature two Elusive Sound titans in Show Me A Dinosaur and Silent Whale Becomes A° Dream.

VIVID. a post-rock festival is an annual Post-Rock/ Post-Metal festival held in Kristiansand, on the undeniably lovely south coast of Norway. It is a unique music festival which experiments with new ways of involving audience and audio-visual expressions. The event takes place at the Aladdin, an old cinema in town, with its massive backdrop for visuals.

This will be the first time Show Me A Dinosaur perform in Norway. One of the most intense and awe-inspiring bands in Europe, Show Me A Dinosaur are consummate masters at blending post-metal, post-rock, shoegaze and ambient doom. Their current sound is a result of an unwavering desire to explore a far more desperate and harsher black metal sound, to persuade listeners to identify what is truly important to them and shift the focus of their determination. Their self-titled album was included by Post-Rock Essentials in their top 30 releases of 2016 – an album described as one of the most uncompromising, unyielding and galvanic albums released in 2016: “No fillers and no restraint, just killer hook-heavy tracks fueled with a sense of urgency and existential angst… This dinosaur has left a footprint the size of an impact crater.”


Vivid will also be the first time Silent Whale Becomes A° Dream play  in Norway. This largely anonymous and enigmatic band has long lived in the hearts of many with the transcendent beauty of their music leading to cult status with many post-rock enthusiasts worldwide. The band’s only release to date “Canopy” is “an unforgettable and awe-inspiring instrumental rock masterpiece of majestic depth consisting of four long atmospheric tracks fuelled by orchestral expansiveness, soaring guitars and intense melodies that induce powerful emotions and a dreamlike state at every listen”. “Canopy” is a towering triumph born out of ambition, emotions and mesmerizing mastery. It is a larger than life post-rock symphony for the ages”. Silent Whale have returned in 2017 with the promise of revealing something truly breath-taking for the very first time at Vivid.

Also playing the 2017 edition are Mokri, Leonov, Shipwrecks, sleepmakeswaves, The Shaking Sensations and Year Of No Light with an additional headliner yet to be announced.

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