TRNA with Elusive Sound

We are very proud to announce that we have signed celestial blackgaze pioneers, TRNA.  This incredible 3-piece from Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation creates dark fierce music, powerfully evocative and overwhelming like the destructive beauty of nature. TRNA’s incessant and untamed fury soars in ethereal dreamscapes and awakens the phoenix in us all. We will be releasing their phenomenal new album “Lose Yourself to Find Peace” on vinyl in 2017.

“Saint-Petersburg post-black metal 3-piece TRNA, pioneers of celestial blackgaze and friends of Show Me A Dinosaur, released their second album “Lose Yourself To Find Peace” on Friday, 23 September”.

“This is one of the most highly awaited albums this year and supersedes all our expectations. It’s two 20-min tracks will make you feel like you are standing on a speeding freight train under the night sky, its near relentless fury only easing off occasionally to allow you to take in the stunning celestial view. You know that you might fall but you just don’t care. The experience is exhilarating and for fleeting moments, you are one with the gods”.

“There are more killer riffs than you can handle and more precision-guided melodies fly out of this band than missiles in the Middle East. “Lose Yourself To find Peace” is breath-taking and cathartic, a milestone”. – Post-Rock Essentials