SWBAD Requiem front

Digital release date: 18 November 2017
Vinyl release date: Coming Soon


01. Dies Iræ, Dies Illa
02. Cor Contritum Quasi Cinis
03. Recordàre
04. Lacrymósa Dies Illa

The brightness of day has come to an end. The setting sun lays out a crimson path over the water. Our spirit flies free with the migrating birds effortlessly gliding through the spindrift then swiftly soaring overhead.
There are instances in life when one is left standing on a cliff contemplating what it would be like to leap off the edge. Standing on the edge of a cliff gets you thinking about the different outcomes of a possible situation. It also tests your decisiveness. There is a short moment of time when taking in the view, that our fear of heights is subdued by the desire to fly and perhaps even the sudden belief that we can. The longer we feed on these inconsistent thoughts, the less grounded we become and the more likely it is that we will leap and plunge to our death.
Overlooking an opulent ocean induces a dreamlike state. This is the sea. the sea that returns memories. It is a mirror to our soul. From high up we grasp our fists tightly, fully realising our insignificance, remembering and releasing everything we had chosen to forget. This is where all is laid bare with total abandon. Where we lose our inhibitions, remove the many masks and costumes that have hidden our tears yet failed to dispel our dejection. With no control and no restraint over our emotions, we engage in sincere resignation-filled monologues of acceptance uttering I have lost you, I shall never be with you again, oh my love, oh my heart, my life”.
To the sea, we release everything for it so zealously keeps our secrets. From the sea, we regain the will to rise again.

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