Ravena with Elusive Sound

We are very proud to announce that we have signed the post-rock/post-metal band Ravena.

This trio from Modesto, California stunned us with their unique creative vision and inspired suspense-filled compositions. Their dark epic wonder of a debut “Laocoön” is a haunting and brooding sonic journey at dusk that reveals a desolate, eerie beauty. We will be releasing “Laocoön” on vinyl in 2018.

Four ethereal post-rock movements that unveil a shadowy intensity and devastating beauty. “Laocoön” has an ominously thrilling tone. – Post-Rock Essentials Top 30 Releases 2016, Post-Rock Essentials

“One of the most rewarding albums of 2016. A dense, challenging work of musical art that grows richer with each listen, Laocoön is the embodiment of patience rewarded. It never arrives where it is going in short order, but the journey is well-worth it, and listeners will find that it traverses numerous terrains with striking skill. Some of the strongest compositions to emerge from post-rock or post-metal in 2016. – David Zeidler, Arctic Drones

A massive post rock album, filled with nuance and subtlety. An impressive foray into the realms of cinematic post rock and post metal. Laocoön is an ambitious album and one which manages to pull off its promise to the extreme. – Eden Kupermintz, Heavy Blog Is Heavy