Glasir make their film debut with “Precipice”, the opening track on the  “Unborn” EP featured in “KelDog“.

  “KelDog” is a short film about a young girl who has been left alone, abandoned with only her training to guide her. She was taught and trained by her father, known to her only as MelWolf, to survive, adapt, and live harmoniously with her environment. MelWolf must leave unexpectedly and promises his return to young KelDog. True to her training and her loyalty to MelWolf, KelDog remains in the remote camper where she was raised. She grows up, relying on her skills and intuition and what little information she receives from the mysterious, “Travis in the box”. KelDog continues the solitude of her day until presently when three campers stumble onto her sequestered compound where KelDog has not had any interaction with any other human beings since 2001. The campers contemplate the meaning of KelDog and her worldviews while KelDog simultaneously has to contemplate what these new people mean for her future and her survival.

This is the directorial debut of Dwight Mathis II, and features Tony Painter and Gracie Wakefield in the leading roles. The movie premieres May 4 at the Texas Theatre.  You can watch the trailer below.