BLAK Release Debut “Between Darkness and Light”

Catalan heavy instrumental rock/post-rock band BLAK have finally digitally released their debut full-length album “Between Darkness and Light” on Bandcamp.  All those who message the band directly on Facebook will get a 20% discount.

Mixed and mastered by Randy Cordner at Beast Mansion, “Between Darkness And Light” reveals BLAK as a band blessed with an extraordinary ability to create powerfully evocative and stunningly beautiful classical-influenced compositions with haunting atmospherics and an expansive, cinematic sound.

We are thrilled that the band’s debut has  instantly received critical acclaim from a number of publications including two of the main publications specialising in instrumental rock/post-rock, Arctic Drones and Echoes & Dust.

Elusive Sound has finalised the physical product design for the album’s vinyl release. The release date has yet to be announced.

You are in a forest gazing up at the thick whistling and chirping canopy, watching as the sun appears from behind the clouds. You slow your breathing down. You pay attention to the air passing in and out of your lungs and you close your eyes. Everything goes black yet everything comes alive. Your senses are heightened. You listen acutely to every sound close, far, loud and quiet. You smell deeply and differentiate between all the subtle odours. You feel intoxicated by the oxygen-heavy exhalations of the trees as the whispering wind scatters spice-scented decaying leaves like confetti on the path in front of you. You feel the sun’s rays beaming down on you. Your mind feels calm and transparent as the sun’s light enters right through you. There is an explosion of colour and light behind your closed eyes. You are illuminated.

Sometimes you need to hold on to one sense to really start feeling with the others. Attention amplifies sensation. The situation does not change yet how we perceive and experience it does. You need to rise above the noise to take in a view and notice the smallest of details. You need to attentively listen to music or soft spoken words to allow them to reach an emotional level, sparkle the heart and drive your imagination.
Only then do they rekindle possibilities. Only then do they fuel your dreams.