BLAK Announce End of Recording

Fantastic news just two days before Xmas. Spellbounding 3-piece BLAK have announced that they have completed recording their first album.  You can read the band’s full facebook post below:

Sometimes things can’t remain silent and you struggle to find a way to put them into words.

It hits you, there’s no hand to hold and to jump seems the only way.
You close your eyes.
There’s darkness and calm, your body does it for you because that’s the way how things are released.
It’s a long way down and you carry no wings. 
You’re on your own and to be fearless is the only way to do it.
Hoping you’ll create wings on your way down,
you jump.

There will be darkness.
There will be pain.
There will be sorrow.
There will be hate.

Everything is released on the fall and you get to understand your feelings, so when you land on the ground, you have found your wings.

So yeah, our album is recorded and it has been and continues to be a beautiful journey