Au Revoir in Suh Dude

Suh Dude! Au Revoir’s spring tour is over and the lads have compiled a great video that sums up tour life perfectly. We’re very proud to have these amazing guys on board with us. Suh Dude!

“The “Suh Dude” phrase came from one of those instantly viral youtube internet videos. I think the fellas responsible have extinguished their 15 minutes of fame, but they’ve definitely left a lasting impression. Before the 2016 full US tour began, one of our members posted a little thing online that he really disliked the “Suh Dude Bros”. This gave me (Eric) the idea to get Tyler with at least one “suh dude” every day of the 40 day long tour. And as you can see, he was a hell of a sport about it” – Eric Annicchiarico