Important Label Update


Firstly, thank you all so much for the support you have shown during our recent sale and Somn repress launch. We continue to be blown away.

Today we want to talk about the label.

Elusive Sound was founded in 2015 with the goal of releasing genre-defying music, in the highest quality possible. We have focused on working with artists that produce not only incredible music, but highly emotive experiences that leaves the listener in a state of awe, having not listened to their like before. Within the last five years, we are confident in saying that we have more than achieved this goal. We have learned a lot about vinyl records, music, the industry, and have worked very closely with some incredible bands and amazing people.

We have crafted a name and brand that is recognized equally among music lovers and record collectors and have supported and enhanced the artistic expression of evanescent artists. We have demonstrated that it is possible to release vinyl on color configurations literally never before seen at an affordable price, while retaining quality and supplying an above-average package surrounding each and every release; be it with inlays, free download codes, extensive deluxe editions featuring added extras that make the listening experience ever more special, or our bullet-proof mailers. This would not have been possible without all the support and trust we have received from our fantastic fans all around the world.

It is today that we announce that Elusive Sound will be coming to a close. When we do this has not yet been decided, as we have a very exciting final release schedule planned, but this is being kept secret for now.

The decision didn’t come by easily, but it was not unexpected. Elusive Sound is the labor of love for music, the musicians, creativity, the medium, quality and dedication. Everyone involved in the label is putting in extra effort and a lot of their free time while either working full time or studying. Work-life balance, working on our personal goals, futures and dreams have been out of balance for the last few years.

During 2019, our busiest year to-date, we took several steps to improve processes and lessen stressful impacts to avoid an immediate shutdown. However, certain things such as outsourcing or hiring are not possible because the label operation does not have the appropriate size to justify these measures without compromising its integrity, quality goals and mission. We thus forged a final release schedule with our artists.

For now, we’ll continue creating some of the most collectable, complex and competitive vinyl out there. We still have a lot to say, and we are sure you will love what’s to come!

From the bottom of our hearts, to every one of our customers, artists, supporters and collaborators, thank you for being with us on this journey.

Phil, Remo, Peter and Josh