Silent Whale Becomes A° Dream “REQUIEM” Vultus Umbra Vinyl Pre-Order

Berne, Switzerland, October 19, 2018: Elusive Sound is delighted to announce the repressing of Silent Whale Becomes A° Dream’s critically acclaimed sold out album “REQUIEM” on vinyl. The new edition is named Vultus Umbra.

Recorded by Yannick Tournier and featuring string direction by Julien Costa, REQUIEM was the long awaited-return of this extraordinary French instrumental rock band whose music can be categorised in the genres of post-rock, ethereal, orchestral, drone and avant-garde.

“REQUIEM” casts a shadow of haunting loneliness and eternal longing. Silent Whale’s mastery of majestic depth and mesmerizing melodies remains at the forefront of their music, now more expansive than ever. “REQUIEM” is the Whale’s pulsating heart, an outpouring of intense emotions delivered with tremendous might and fury. It is a raging sea, rapidly ascending one moment only to suddenly descend into deep darkness, sorrow, loss and tears. Silent Whale Becomes A° Dream have yet again created an awe-inspiring album. “REQUIEM” has surpassed our greatest expectations.

Though the band remains enigmatic, the transcendent beauty of their music has led to cult status, especially with many post-rock enthusiasts worldwide. The initial vinyl editions of REQUIEM” completely sold out by release day.

Mastered by Jeremy Henry and featuring the wonderful photography of Christine Drouilllard, the Vultus Umbra edition of “REQUIEM” features a special base colour configuration on a new dark colour scheme, 180-200g vinyl and a heavy gatefold sleeve.

REQUIEM Vultus Umbra Edition Pre-Orders start Friday, October 26 at 8 PM / 20:00 CEST (Zurich). The release will be on November 16, 2018.

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