TRNA – Lose Yourself To Find Peace | Obsidian Brume Edition


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TRNA –  Lose Yourself To Find Peace, Standard Edition, Limited 159

Release: 25.8.2017

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Obsidian is a shiny black gemstone referred to as volcanic glass. It is created when a volcanic flow is cooled very quickly when it comes in contact with water, forming a clear crystalline structure. Obsidians were believed to be talismans which offered a strong shield against any negativity, bringing an understanding of silence and the void. They were believed to be a powerful cleanser of the psychic smog created within our aura, helping us to connect with our deeper selves, our deepest feelings and our instincts.
According to ancient superstition, Obsidian brings to its wearer the energy of Earth as it embodies the energy of a volcano. It will energize spiritual forces to help guide one on their way to awareness.  It is believed to strengthen the spirit, heal the body and assist in the release of disharmony, sharpening the mind, removing stress and increasing self-control.
Obsidian is a very powerful stone, reminding one that birth and death are simultaneous and constantly present, not as one with the other, but always as one. 

Vinyl Features:
– 180g+ 33-RPM cut from 24bit masters on Color in Color with Smoke and Splatter vinyl
– 350gsm gatefold outer sleeve on reverse-board with additional artwork and hot-foil
– Flood black printing on the inside of the gatefold-sleeve
– Black Anti-Static Innersleeve
– Double-sided printed credit inlay on heavy paper stock with handwritten download code

This is the “Obsidian Brume”-edition, featuring a combination of Black in Ultra Clear Color in Color with Black Smoke and Bone, White and Milky Clear splatter.

This edition is limited to 159 units and will never be repressed.

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