Au Revoir – Veles | Transmigration Edition


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Au Revoir – Veles , “Transmigration”, Limited 141

Release: 3 March 2017

 “When in sight of a fellow-man on the point of sinking for the last time, do not venture to snatch him from the waters and deny him his fate for his soul already belongs to Veles”. 
We pass from a place or state of existence to another. Life is transient and impermanent yet death is not a void but it too, a transition. It is the beginning of a new journey, a new existence in Navia. Some believe it lies under water, others, under a shrub of elder. In the water, below the tree stub and the log, no matter where it lies, it is an unearthly place of pulsating, invisible life, where time is absent and those who pass find eternal dreaming. Navia, guarded by winged vipers often including Veles himself, god of the watery Underworld, god of magic and musicians, lord of the waters, lord of the forests and the wolves, such loyal guardians, who trust only their instincts. We too must trust our instincts, our hearts, our minds, seize control of our lives, fear nothing and challenge those who believe they have the right to shape our world. Let us be like wolves…

– 180g+ 33-RPM cut from 24bit masters on Color-In-Color with Splatter vinyl
– 350gsm gatefold outer sleeve on reverse-board with new, exclusive artwork on gatefold inside
– Flood black printing on the inside of the gatefold-sleeve
– Black Anti-Static Innersleeve
– Double-sided printed credit inlay with new, exclusive artwork
– A7 printed inlay with handwritten download code

This is the “Transmigration”-edition, featuring a stunning combination of Royal Blue Colour-in-Colour with Electric Blue vinyl, speckled with White, Electric Blue and Milky Clear Splatter.

This edition is limited to 141 units and will never be repressed.

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Dimensions 35 × 35 × 4 cm