Au Revoir Live At Gnarnia

A surprisingly spectacular post-rock set from an unknown band at the time of filming. Here is the full performance from New Jersey’s Au Revoir at Gnarnia in Los Angeles (08/11/13).

Shot in the dark, with a Canon 60D, the trusty 18-135mm lense, and a RODE stereo mic, this set came out pretty fantastic in the standard L2S color grading.

(C) 2013 LIFE2short Productions


“Our second Los Angeles show of this 2013 Full US tour. This one was our friends in the band Wolves’ last show. The venue was a crazy warehouse space ran by some hippies that didn’t have a working bathroom. Some of our longest and craziest tour stories come from this evening playing at Gnarnia. The space where they used to have a tub was practically overflowing with toxic muck. As if the people living there knew the tub didn’t drain but they decided to shit and piss in it anyway. Every so often through the night they would have to go into that room and spray air freshener so the whole loft space didn’t stink, but anyway, the bands played and the good vibes from the crowd provided for a fun and fantastic show”  – Eric Annicchiarico