Somn [from Somnus – god of sleep] is a post-black metal band from Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

In 2017, guitarist Oleg Salnikov and drummer Timur Yusupov (TRNA) started conceptualising and writing what they thought would be the follow-up to Austen’s “Eschatological Delight”. They had received praise from Elusive Sound and were ready to ditch the bedroom recordings, step things up and unleash all their potential.

In late 2017, the Austen duo started working with PWYLL bassist and audio engineer Mikhail Kurochkin (Show Me A Dinosaur, TRNA, Blankenberge) and six months later their raw tracks had caught the ear of guitarist Artem Selyugin (Show Me A Dinosaur) who because of sharing the same rehearsal space, all of a sudden found himself jamming and collaborating with the trio.

At the beginning of August 2018, the tracks were fully formed. The band decided to record a raw live session which they sent to Elusive Sound. The session was an awe-inspiring and thrilling sonic assault that left everyone immediately hooked. It was time to think of a band name and record an album. The band adopted the name Somn based on the album’s concept, inspired by how we transport into our dreams what we experience when we are awake and how we set free in a realm where all is possible our traumas, deepest fears, premonitions, fury and thoughts of vengeance.

Recorded mixed and mastered by Mikhail Kurochkin over a period of three weeks, The All-devouring is a pulverising album, revealing an incredibly physical, dynamic and brutal sounding band, meshing venomous and relentless intensity with monster hooks and haunting melodies.

The All-devouring will be released by Elusive Sound digitally and on vinyl in 2019.


Somn is a rising force within the post metal genre’s confined boundaries and a fresh, invigorating group featuring members of such imposing, heavy acts as Show Me A Dinosaur and TRNA. The album’s opening piece suggests that The All-devouring is going to be an intensely dark and startling record, and undoubtedly one of the year’s first underground highlights. The almost eleven-minute long, Sightless, is a magnificent exhibition of inspiration, instrumental muscle and overall passionate delivery, and despite its mass and extent, it doesn’t feel prolonged.



The All-Devouring possesses some of the most exciting elements of the genre all in one place. Somn bring the frenetic, unrelenting drumming of Bosse-De-Nage, the epic atmosphere of So Hideous, and the still vicious black metal snarls of MØL with a level of consistency that makes this tight, 38 minute album utter post-black perfection. It’s a precision balance of cathartic post-rock guitar melodies with fierce black metal tremolos and contemptuous howls. And once more, those drums… I am in awe of this performance. It is positively pummeling. With tracks like the appropriately stormlike “Tempest” I don’t know whether to throw out my arms in victory or set my body ablaze. One of the finest albums I’ve heard in the genre…


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This Russian band’s music is dark and intense, blending blackgaze and post-metal into a very satisfying post-blackened beast of expressive shading and emotive delivery. The songs are atmospheric and well-written, providing sprawling tracks of engaging subtle melody and rhythmic blackness. Moments of lighter post-rock introspection and delicacy are given room to flourish here and there before the inevitable intensity of the main blackened core of the band starts up once more.


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Somn “The All-devouring” Vinyl Repress Release

Berne, Switzerland, December 1, 2020: Elusive Sound is delighted to announce the repress of Somn’s debut album “The All-devouring” on vinyl. The repress goes on sale on 1st December at 20:00 CET. Mastered by Mikhail Kurochkin, cut from 24bit masters at 33rpm and featuring the stunning artwork of Mladen Ilic, both vinyl variants of Somn's [...]

Somn Release “Tempest” Live Video

Somn has released a live video for the track "Tempest" from their outstanding debut album "The All-Devouring". Filmed and edited by Philip Chernonog, this is a live performance of "Tempest" from their 05.09.2020 show at the Lastochka Club, Saint-Petersburg.

Somn “The All-devouring” Vinyl Pre-Order

Berne, Switzerland, October 8, 2020: Elusive Sound proudly presents "The All-devouring", the debut album of post-black metal powerhouse Somn on vinyl. “The All-devouring” will be released on two one-time only 180g+ vinyl variants named Exsanguination and Phantasm. Mastered by Mikhail Kurochkin and cut from 24-bit masters at 33RPM on mixed colour, splatter vinyl, both variants [...]

Somn Release “Awe” Live Video

Somn have released footage today from their very first live show at Les Twin Club in Saint-Petersburg Filmed in November 2018, the band can be seen performing the track "Awe" from their debut album "The All-devouring" available now digitally at

Somn release “The All-devouring”

We are delighted to announce the full digital release of "The All-devouring", the debut album of post-black metal powerhouse Somn. "Somn is a rising force within the post metal genre's confined boundaries..." - Destroy//Exist "One of the finest albums I’ve heard in the genre…" - Metal Trenches Based in Saint-Petersburg, Russia and featuring members of [...]

Somn with Elusive Sound

Elusive Sound is very proud to announce that we have signed the Russian post-black metal band Somn and will be releasing their debut album “The All-devouring” in 2019. Based in Saint-Petersburg, Russia and featuring members of notable underground acts such as Show Me A Dinosaur and TRNA, Somn [from Somnus - god of sleep] create [...]

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Who are we really that we are capable of such horrifying acts in our dreams; That our mind can be both so twisted or so grandiose and wonderful in its liberated creation?



Somn’s pressbook is still in the works.