Somn [from Somnus – god of sleep] is a post-black metal band from Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

In 2017, guitarist Oleg Salnikov and drummer Timur Yusupov (TRNA) started conceptualising and writing what they thought would be the follow-up to Austen’s “Eschatological Delight”. They had received praise from Elusive Sound and were ready to ditch the bedroom recordings, step things up and unleash all their potential.

In late 2017, the Austen duo started working with PWYLL bassist and audio engineer Mikhail Kurochkin (Show Me A Dinosaur, TRNA, Blankenberge) and six months later their raw tracks had caught the ear of guitarist Artem Selyugin (Show Me A Dinosaur) who because of sharing the same rehearsal space, all of a sudden found himself jamming and collaborating with the trio.

At the beginning of August 2018, the tracks were fully formed. The band decided to record a raw live session which they sent to Elusive Sound. The session was an awe-inspiring and thrilling sonic assault that left everyone immediately hooked. It was time to think of a band name and record an album. The band adopted the name Somn based on the album’s concept, inspired by how we transport into our dreams what we experience when we are awake and how we set free in a realm where all is possible our traumas, deepest fears, premonitions, fury and thoughts of vengeance.

Recorded mixed and mastered by Mikhail Kurochkin over a period of three weeks, The All-devouring is a pulverising album, revealing an incredibly physical, dynamic and brutal sounding band, meshing venomous and relentless intensity with monster hooks and haunting melodies.

The All-devouring will be released by Elusive Sound digitally and on vinyl in 2019.



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Who are we really that we are capable of such horrifying acts in our dreams; That our mind can be both so twisted or so grandiose and wonderful in its liberated creation?



Somn’s pressbook is still in the works.