Blankenberge is a shoegaze/dream pop band based in Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation. The band consisting of Yana Guselnikova (vocals), Daniil Levshin (guitar, synth), Dmitriy Marakov (bass), Daian Aiziatov (guitar) and Sergey Vorontsov (drums) came together in 2015 to create dream-weaving and warm reverb-drenched, drone raging songs that swell into soaring ethereal harmonies.

The story of Blankenberge started in early 2015 in Barnaul, a small city in the south of Siberia. Daniil and Yana having returned from an inspiring trip around Europe, started composing several songs with some local friends some of which were later released on their first EP. They decided to name their band Blankenberge, in honour of a little town on the North Sea coast of Belgium which had really impressed them.

That very same year, Daniil and Yana decided to move to Saint Petersburg in search of more opportunities to develop their music. They not only found a beautiful and inspiring city but also the other three members of the band – Dmitriy, Daian and Sergey – who would help them evolve and refine their sound. Blankenberge performed regularly in Saint Petersburg and released their first self-titled EP on 12 March, 2016. The EP’s free-formed post-rock compositions with intensely melodic passages, heavy droning and a pure shoegaze sound, immediately drew in very enthusiastic reviews from shoegaze blogs from all around the world.

In July 2016, they were involved in a cover project «The Cure in other voices» where they presented a dark and noisy shoegaze version of «Pictures of you». Shows in Saint Petersburg and Moscow followed and the band immediately started composing new songs. The writing and recording process would take another year and a half. After unveiling a first single “We” on 12 March, 2017, Blankenberge finally released their debut full-length album “Radiogaze” digitally on 30 June, 2017. The album instantly won over the ears of shoegaze listeners worldwide with Yana’s swooning, soft vocals serenely ascending and sweeping the skies, unveiling an afterglow, lacing emotion through a blazing, hazy swirl of loud droning guitars that swell and subside in an all-embracing ocean of sound.

On july 18, 2017, Blankenberge officially signed to Elusive Sound. “Blankenberge create warm reverb-drenched, drone-raging songs that swell into soaring ethereal harmonies. We are thrilled to announce that we will be releasing their wondrous full-length debut album “Radiogaze” on vinyl in 2018”.

On September 10, 2017, Blankenberge were invited to film and record Radiogaze Live in session at a converted Lutheran church called Melody Studio. The live video footage was premiered on all of the band’s and label’s Facebook social media platforms.

On March 14, 2018 Blankenberge announced a Spring Tour of 2018 which will see them play nine shows in nine different countries. The tour will kick off in their hometown of Saint-Petersburg on 7 April and then cover most of Eastern Europe with an additional show in Vienna on 15 April. This Spring Tour will end in Minsk on 20 April.


La voix douce et lointaine de Yana s’envole et se perd dans les cieux éthérés de ces compositions joliment saturées. Ici, des claviers lumineux répondent aux murs de guitares, créant un contraste savoureux et insufflant une légèreté inédite à des compositions nées dans l’obscurité de leurs inspirations cold wave. Tandis que les cordes tourbillonnent inlassablement, les rythmes se font tantôt lancinants, tantôt effrénés. La voix, elle, survole l’ensemble et le teinte d’émotions délicates et délicieuses.



It’s a wonder. The sonic caverns are deeper, the vocals more assured, the space they inhabit is fully their own. Already critically lauded as one of the best albums in the genre thus far in 2017, Blankenberge have carved out their own space in a scene that sometimes seems okay with “good enough”.


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Het talent van de individuele bandleden in combinatie met hun uitgekiende, collectieve gevoel voor structuren, contrasten en mantra-achtige, etherische melodieën zorgt ervoor dat Radiogaze een absolute parel in dit shoegaze-revivaljaar geworden is. Dit album klinkt als een impressionistisch schilderij waarbij elke muzikant zijn eigen laagje verf aanbrengt om tot een gedetailleerd, veelgelaagd kunstwerk te komen, zoals op “Not Enough” dat als een vogel ergens in de lucht blijft zweven, tussen opstijgen en landen. Spannend, mooi en vooral technisch impressionant. Iedereen die ontgoocheld is in wat de reünies van Ride of Slowdive hebben voortgebracht, moet dit album een kans geven. Wil iemand hen eens snel op een festivalweide met een ondergaande zon zetten alstublieft?


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Nout Van Den Neste

There is a reason why Blankenberge’s 2017 album, Radiogaze, has been voted in many polls as one of the best shoegaze albums of the year. The sound is vast. Imagine MBV played in a cathedral instead of a small concert hall! The arrangements and textures are remarkable, even better when you think it is their first album.


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Russian Shoegaze & Dream Pop, a Magnificent 7 playlist

Number 9

Blankenberge “Radiogaze”

Blankenberge reach for decibel-smashing serenity a few hairs shy of shrill, allowing singer Yana’s vocals to hang brightly above the maelstrom.



Ian King

The Best Shoegaze and Dream Pop of 2017

Number 1

Blankenberge “Radiogaze”

Radiogaze is a pure and perfect shoegaze record – crystalline and euphoric from start to finish. While 2017 brimmed with exceptional talent and incredible albums, Blankenberge’s offering sparkles as this year’s crowning jewel.


Amber Crain (When The Sun Hits)

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2017 Shoegaze And Dream Pop Albums Of The Year

Number 9

Blankenberge “Radiogaze”

Om eerlijk te zijn: die Slowdive- en Ride-reünieplaten van dit jaar vonden we maar flauwe afkooksels van vroeger werk. Dit debuutalbum van een Russische shoegazeband, die hun naam aan de gelijknamige Belgische badplaats ontleent, raakt ons dan weer wel. De gitaren zinderen, worden door de modder gesleurd en zijn de basis voor hemelse, ijsblauwe open ruimtes met de flinterdunne stem van Yana Guselnikova, die als een meeuw hoog en ver boven het droomlandschap uitvliegt. Traditionele songs met refreinen zijn er op dit album niet te vinden, wel prachtige melodieën, dissonantie en contrasten. Dit album klinkt als een impressionistisch schilderij waarbij elke muzikant zijn eigen laagje verf aanbrengt om tot een gedetailleerd, veelgelaagd kunstwerk te komen. Een droomeiland waarop het fijn vertoeven is.


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Eindejaarslijstje 2017 van Nout Van Den Neste

Blankenberge “Radiogaze”

Blankenberge is a one of kind blend of shoegaze and post-rock, even though the most emphasis is on the first genre definition. Radiogaze is filled to the brim with haunting dream pop, shoegaze glittering melodies and a depth seldom heard in the genre


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Best Indie Albums of 2017

Number 5
Blankenberge “Radiogaze”

That Russia’s Blankenberge cracked the top five? We take that as a personal point of pride, as I don’t know anyone who’d pushed as hard for their success this year. Not that it took a lot of arm-twisting, as even limited exposure to Radiogaze seemed to win instant converts. Good for them, good for us.


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2017 Album Of The Year Poll

Blankenberge “Hopeless”

La band russa realizza un piccolo grande classico dello shoegaze moderno. L’album Radiogaze è tra i più entusiasmanti degli ultimi anni.


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Best Of 2017 Shoegaze

eppoi giunge Radiogaze a cementare la convinzione che qualcosa sta accadendo… Dinanzi al muro sonoro innalzato dai cinque russi di stanza a San Pietroburgo,non si può rimanere indifferenti, ed indagando sulla loro recente vicenda auspicare un futuro ancor più roseo e provvido di soddisfazioni è lecito. Radiogaze compila una serie di canzoni già mature come “So cold”, “Out loud” e “Falling stars”, le quali tradiscono una inclinazione al pop che lascia presagire ulteriori sviluppi, o come una “We” (già singolo) che costituisce un valido aggiornamento al Bignami dello shoegaze, guidata da un basso pulsante e da una batteria snella, eppoi quelle chitarre che sfiorano il cielo. Ma sono evidenti anche influssi ascrivibili al post-rock, a certa psichedelia alla quale i loro predecessori non hanno voluto rinunziare, nel nome di un sound immaginifico che ritroviamo con piacere, nostro e loro (la sognante “Not enough”).


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Di Hadrianus

Cerchiamo di essere chiari e diretti. Il primo album dei Blankenberge, “Radiogaze”, è un disco shoegaze. Magnifico. Punto. “Radiogaze” è uno di quei lavori che ci dimostrano come questo genere non solo sia attivo, ma che attraversi anche una favolosa fase di magia compositiva ed emozionale. Difficile usare le parole giuste per descrivere un simile incanto: provate a chiudere gli occhi, immaginandovi in un viaggio sonico, realmente catartico e sublime, con la speranza di non arrivare mai alla fine per non interrompere un vera e propria magia ammaliante. Mai come in questo caso la metafora del viaggio ci può venire utile.


Indie For Bunnies

Riccardo Cavrioli

Number 10
Blankenberge “Radiogaze”


The Blog That Celebrates Itself

Best Of 2017

Number 4
Blankenberge “Radiogaze”

I’m not sure what is going on in Russia but, in terms of shoegaze, it’s a very, very good thing. Blankenberge burst on the scene with the release of their debut album Radiogaze in June. Dreamy, ethereal, and powerful, the album bursts into your speakers with layered, reverbed drenched guitars that just hypnotize. Not afraid to play with sonics and blast those soaring fuzzy edges skyward, Blankenberge have impressed with this first outing and I cannot wait for more!



Top 25 Shoegaze/Dreampop Albums Of 2017

Blankenberge “Falling Stars”

Like watching a meteor shower on a clear night, this song is a cosmic dazzler of epic proportions. The shoegaze-y guitars burn with the brightness of a comet streaking across the sky. Frontwoman Yana’s vocals are ethereal and breathtaking, as if she is from another planet seducing us onto her spacecraft. The heart-ripping rhythms burst in the background, adding to the song’s radiance. For shoegaze fans, this song is six minutes of ecstasy.


The Revue

Ben Yung

Number 5
Blankenberge “Radiogaze”

A diferencia de otras agrupaciones que intentan sobresalir de las profundidades del underground intentando colgarse de la confusión que rodea al Shoegaze, llega a los odios la tremenda propuesta de Blankenberge. Radiogaze muestra la distorsión deseada para el buen fanático shoegazero de sepa, combinados de contras de banda de guerra, con un sonido seco, en fusión con la voz tenue y susurradora de Yana Guselnikova, haciendo recordar por momentos a la gran Elizabeth Fraser (Cocteau Twins), y por si fuera poco, para mí, me hizo recordar a la leyenda viviente My Bloody Valentine, en ipso facto me vino a la mente el gran “Loveless”, es por mas decir que tienen sus grandes o enormes diferencias, pero enciende mis ganas de escuchar ese álbum (Loveless). Para no seguir diciendo barbaries, el resultado es bueno, de buenas cuestiones shoegazeras y con tintes ambientales de Dream Pop.


El Caperuzo

Lo Mejor de lo Mejor 2017

Number 9
Blankenberge “Radiogaze”



Top Not Post-Rock 2017

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Swooning, soft vocals serenely ascending and sweeping the skies, unveiling an afterglow, lacing emotion through a blazing, hazy swirl of loud droning guitars that swell and subside in an all-embracing ocean of sound.



Blankenberge’s pressbook is still in the works. You can download the cover of “Radiogaze” for the time being.

Download “Radiogaze” cover in HD