BLAK are a heavy instrumental rock band from Roda De Ter, Catalonia blessed with an extraordinary ability to create stunningly beautiful, classical-influenced compositions with an expansive, cinematic sound. The band consisting of Eloi Casellas, Eloi Roca and Carles PD came together in 2015 when they united to record a track that inspired the soundtrack to the Miquel Casals short film “Vostok”. This one-off union revealed something truly magical that inspired the trio to keep writing. On 29 February 2016 BLAK officially signed to Elusive Sound and started working on their first album. 

On 23 December, 2016 BLAK announced that they had finished recording. After several months of mixing and mastering with Randy Cordner, the band finally announced the completion of  their debut titled “Between Darkness and Light”  on 21 May, 2017 with a short film directed by Mile Nagaoka for the track “Black Drips In the sky – Overwhelming”. Beautifully shot, the mysterious short film featured the talented dancer Frauke.   A second short film directed by Xevi Polo for “In The Absence Of Light – Eigengrau” followed on 11 July 2017 with the album receiving critical acclaim from both Arctic Drones and Echoes & Dust.  “Between Darkness and Light” was finally digitally released on 28 July 2017 with a vinyl release soon to follow.


Il est à découvrir de toute urgence. Sans aucun doute mon coup de coeur de l’été. Il y a une magnifique beauté dans ces passages de l’obscurité à la lumière. De la tristesse à l’espoir, au-delà du voile sombre de la mélancolie. Il est un premier opus sublime, qui a déjà tout d’un grand. A savourer absolument.


Song after song, note after note, Between darkness and light reveals itself to be a formidable album, certainly one of the best ever released in the history of the genre. This record really has it all: from the ethereal desolate soundscapes of the melancholic vicinities of the universe to the greatest waves of a synchronic rapture, the creativity of this band has whimsically and beautifully delineated the sound of an amazing state of the art work, so refined and poetically diffuse, but at the same time expressively down to earth, that their genuine craft is yet to be challenged by any contemporary band.


Merchants Of Air


O cénico segundo single de BLAK, ‘In the Absence of Light – Eigengrau’, é a alusão e a manifestação perfeita da erupção de luzes e cores que se dá na escuridão.


Planeta Post-Rock

Between Darkness and Light es música real y de contemplaciones muy serias fluyendo en el espacio, eso es lo que lo hace un magnífico trabajo. Es un sorprendentemente completo, bello y bien diseñado álbum debutante. Mientras qué BLAK, bien puede ser un nuevo acto de culto en su género.


Alfonso Salgado

“Between darkness and light” es una obra de Post Rock preciosista y emotivo que nos trae enseguida a la mente a los mejores sonidos del instrumental nipón.


Keep An Open Mind

BLAK’s is an open-hearted music searching for that deep listener ready to go on cosmic journeys. “Black drips in the sky – Overwhelming” begins with a delicate, crisscrossing melody as mist-like atmospherics grow around a droning tremolo of guitar, but the track’s quiet introspection is soon left in the dust when it explodes skyward with the help of the full band. Majestic in its’ climb upward and complete now with deep low-end and rapid-fire percussion, BLAK finally reaches cruising altitude only to cut the engines. However, instead of entering a perilous free-fall the band hovers in this rarified air before quietly regrouping for further heights. The results are thrilling as the band blends the dark with the light while finding that place perfectly in-between.


Live Eye TV
Iggy Pot

Between Darkness and Light is such a dramatic and captivating album. There are so many images and emotions contained in so these five songs, such intensity tightly packed into them. Mature songwriting, carefully pieced together with so much love. Their passion and dedication are invaluable. I still find it hard to believe this is a debut album. This is music with a purpose and the purpose is to offer a very rewarding listen. Undoubtedly it will figure among the best newcomers of the year and at the top of the best album lists.


Echoes & Dust

Mark Martins

“Black Drips in the Sky – Overwhelming” exists between the black and white, in the seams that pull together beauty and fury. It is astoundingly dramatic and thoroughly captivating. The ability to carefully and patiently craft soundscapes that are sonically intoxicating while inspiring the imagination to envision scenes unfolding behind closed eyelids belies their relative neophyte status in the genre. It is in possession of both ethereal passion and heart-stopping wrath, both of which finally intertwine during the richly dynamic, dramatic final crescendo. I have no doubt that “Between Darkness and Light” will be one of 2017’s most rewarding discoveries for post-rock fans, and will ultimately be tantamount to the year’s best releases.


Arctic Drones

David Zeidler

Fulminanter Postrock aus dem katalonischen Roda de Ter: „Between Darkness And Light“ ist das beeindruckende Debüt einer faszinierenden Band.



Carsten Agthe

Between Darkness And Light sounds more like a piece of work coming from a band with vast experience rather than a debut album, and its heaviness combined with its distinct classical and cinematic sway carries dreamlike notions, brings about all kinds of thrills and inspires.



ha nacido en este 2017 una formación que sin ninguna duda dará mucho que hablar en los próximos años. Los catalanes BLAK se estrenaban este verano con “Between Darkness and Light” y nos dejaban con la boca abierta. Probablemente sea uno de los discos de presentación más maduros que hemos visto en mucho tiempo, atreviéndose incluso con la experimentación. Esperamos ver a estos chicos moverse por más escenarios de la Península, ya que por el momento sólamente han pasado por las tablas del AMFest.


Keep An Open Mind
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Number 12
BLAK “Between Darkness And Light”



Best 25 Post-Rock Albums of 2017

Number 20
BLAK “Black Drips In The Sky – Overwhelming”



Top 30 Post-Rock/Metal/Experimental Songs of 2017

Number 5
BLAK “Between Darkness And Light”



Top Post-Rock 2017

Number 15
BLAK “Between Darkness And Light”


Post-Rock Listener’s Choice

The 50 Best Releases of 2017

Number 1


Post-Rock Listener’s Choice

The 10 Best New Acts of 2017

BLAK is yet another addition to Elusive Sound’s stellar lineup of artists, masterfully blending post-rock with black metal and neoclassical, among other genres. To create something equal parts loud and beautiful isn’t terribly common, but Elusive Sound manages to find the best of them.


Arctic Drones

The 50 Favourite Albums of 2017

Aaron Edwards

Number 1
BLAK “Between Darkness And Light”

El primer lugar se lo lleva el debut de un trio catalán que dejó al mundo boquiabierto.



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Blak’s pressbook is still in the works. You can download the cover of “Vostok” for the time being.

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