Au Revoir – Veles | Rebirth Edition


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Au Revoir – Veles – “Rebirth”, Limited 95

Release: 3 March 2017

Veles did not fear retaliation even though he knew that taking what he yearned to possess would end in his own ritual death. His battered body would inevitably succumb, releasing everything he took in the form of rain falling from the skies. The death of Veles was impermanent. He would reform himself as a serpent, shed his old skin, be reborn in a new body and challenge Perun again and again. Let us not keep dwelling in our caves  but wander out into the wild like wolves. We too must challenge. Desire is the fire of life. Let them see how we burn.


The current gained force
The stretch distance
And the water came down,
the water came rushing over
We stood our ground
we stood still, neck-deep in water
We were not alone
For he lieth in wait hidden in Navia’s mist,
seeping through the trees
We could hear his beating heart,
we could see the fire in his eyes
One by one we would be wolves


– 180g+ 33-RPM cut from 24bit masters on A-Side / B-Side with splatter vinyl
– 350gsm gatefold outer sleeve on reverse-board with new, exclusive artwork on gatefold inside
– Flood black printing on the inside of the gatefold-sleeve
– Black Anti-Static Innersleeve
– Exclusive Swiss made 2-colored screenprinted 12″ handnumbered insert
– Double-sided printed credit inlay with new, exclusive artwork
– A7 printed inlay with handwritten download code

This is the “Rebirth”-edition, featuring a stunning combination of Swamp Green with Orange Crush A-Side/B-Side with Blood Red, Dookie Brown and Doublemint Heavy Splatter

This edition is limited to 95 units and will never be repressed.

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Weight 0.6 kg
Dimensions 35 × 35 × 4 cm