Glasir with Elusive Sound

Elusive Sound’s mission is to support and enhance artistic expression in artists that share a similar vision and release their art with the highest quality on the vinyl format. We are very proud to announce  Glasir‘s “Unborn” EP as our first release.

It took only a few minutes to realize that we were listening to greatness. Glasir’s music is as resplendent as the gleaming tree from which they have taken their name. It is as loud as a thunderous grey cloud and as clear as a heavenly stream. “Unborn” snuffs out all that we have heard this year in a heartbeat.

Glasir is a project from Dallas, Texas that consists of longtime collaborators and enigmatic sonic seekers Nate  on bass, Conner on guitar and Austin on drums. Together they have crafted a heavy siege cannon, one that draws in post-rock, ambient doom and psychedelic rock and is masterfully loaded with enough black blasting powder to fire relentlessly at all levels.