Au Revoir Spring Tour With Atsuko Chiba, 2015

“In the Spring of 2014, when we first ventured north to Canada, we honestly had no idea what to expect aside from probably getting denied from the border patrol because of horror stories we’d read. We did everything we could to prepare ourselves to enter into Canada properly and it still proved to be for not. However, with some resilience and the approval to enter a day late – missing what was set to be our first Montreal show – we trekked up to Quebec City, toured around the city until it was load in time but stopped for Canadian themed tour tattoos at a shop across the street from the venue. This is where we met Atsuko Chiba. They stopped into the shop to say what’s up and talk about gear share. The show got under way and right away we knew we were going to get along with these guys. After they played we knew we had to do more than just add each other on social media, and by the end of the night we were already talking about how we needed to plan some type of tour together. Fast forward 1 year and we have 2 weeks of shows planned together between the US and Canada for their first US tour and our first tour with another band since 2012. This series of videos are from this spring tour with Atsuko Chiba”.

Eric Annicchiarico, Au Revoir

Au Revoir Live at Gallery 5, Richmond VA

May 11, 2015, last day of tour with Atsuko Chiba

“Good old Richmond VA. 2 of our members now live in Richmond. Technically making the city our official 2nd However, the vibrancy of Richmond’s local music scene and the way its arts community is so prevalent, made Richmond steal our hearts long before any of us resided there. On a list of top 10 shows we’ve ever played, Richmond probably holds 6 of them. It is a staple stop in every one of our lengthy tours. One of the most beautifully supportive scenes we have come across traveling around the country. So it was absolutely necessary to have our last show with Atusko Chiba, during this spring east coast tour, be the banger that Richmond always provides for.  We played at Gallery 5 which is a newer venue that is continuously improving itself.  Both of Our first times there, and naturally the city and its people did not let us down!

Eric Annicchiarico, Au Revoir

Au Revoir intro to set with William James

May 3, 2015, tour with Atsuko Chiba in Somerset MA

“As touring goes, along the way its inevitable that you will make some extraordinary friends. We first met William James when we played a show in Cambridge MA at a place called the Democracy Center and he did a poetry set in between bands setting up their gear. William is a self-proclaimed Punk Rock Poet. He has gone on tour with bands doing poetry sets and has collaborated with bands and has published his own poetry books etc. Upon meeting and witnessing his brilliance, we knew that at some point we needed to make something happen together in the form of a tour.

In November 2014, we planned out a weekend of tour dates in Northeast US. William James would perform his set of Poetry, then we would jump in and he would perform a piece over the intro to our set and then we would play the rest of our set. I am a huge fan of combining any and all types of art so finally getting some video footage of this in may 2015 when we invited William back on stage with us, was a real treat!”

Eric Annicchiarico, Au Revoir

Au Revoir at AS220, Providence RI

Star Wars surprise to intro the set

May 4, 2015, on tour with Atsuko Chiba

video shot by Anthony PIazza

“Somehow, along the way, because someone who has a love of wordplay and double meanings, May the 4th became Star Wars day and the rest is history. Finally playing a show on May 4th, we knew we had to do something fun to celebrate. The promoter for our show already set the bar with this INTENSE Darth Vader helmet show flyer. So while we were getting our last minute practices in right before we left for the first show in Canada, we jammed out a heavy Vader theme that we would use to intro our set in Providence on Star Wars day.”

Eric Annicchiarico, Au Revoir

Au Revoir at Charm City Art Space, Baltimore MD

May 10 2015, on tour with Atsuko Chiba

“When Au Revoir started touring and playing out of our area, Baltimore’s scene was the first to pick us up and take us in with welcoming arms. January 2012 was when we started making our way outside of New Jersey (this is back when all of our members lived in NJ) and we must have played the Baltimore area at least 3 times by that June, making some of the good band friends we still have today. Our first out of state show was at Charm City Art Space in January 2012 so finally coming back to the area after not having been through in quite some time and playing at Charm City, which was (it has since closed its doors) an amazing community/ art space, was a great pleasure”.

Eric Annicchiarico, Au Revoir