Au Revoir, Show Me A Dinosaur and TRNA in Post-Rock Essentials Top 30 Releases of 2016

Post-Rock Essentials made their top 30 releases list for the year 2016 and we could not be more proud and thankful that it features 3 of our artists, Show Me A Dinosaur at number 12, Au Revoir at number 7 and Trna at number 3.

All three bands left their mark in 2016 by creating massive albums – each of them in an different style, but connected through the realm of Post-Rock. Here is what Post-Rock Essentials had to say about each release.

12.) Show Me A Dinosaur – Show Me A Dinosaur

Show Me A Dinosaur break with the standards, pull it off and offer up a new way for the future. One of the most uncompromising, unyielding and galvanic albums released in 2016 masterfully melding post-metal, post-rock, black metal, shoegaze and screamo. No fillers and no restraint, just killer hook-heavy tracks fueled with a sense of urgency and existential angst, with “Gone” and “Wojna” both rousing and anthemic. This dinosaur has left a footprint the size of an impact crater.

7.) Au Revoir – Veles

Au Revoir returned in 2016 with a heavy and quite literally breath-taking release. “Veles” brings the dark clouds to gather overhead as a destructive sonic tide surges in. “The Bottom” inspires the listener to plunge into the water. “Drifting” opens the floodgates of the heavens. “Sinking” and Deluge” see that you get thrashed and pummelled just long enough for you to still be able to turn the record over and go through it all over again, which you do, again and again. Veles is transcending.

3.) Trna – Lose Yourself To Find Peace

This was of the most highly awaited albums this year and superseded all our expectations. It’s two 20-min tracks will make you feel like you are standing on a speeding freight train under the night sky, its near relentless fury only easing off occasionally to allow you to take in the stunning celestial view. You know that you might fall but you just don’t care. More killer riffs and precision-guided melodies fly out of this band than in the black-clad war-painted legions of darkness. The experience is exhilarating and for fleeting moments, you are one with the gods.Lose Yourself To find Peace” is breath-taking and cathartic, a milestone.

You can read the full article at Post-Rock Essentials Top 30 of 2016. Our congratulations to all the nominated artists and their labels. We highly recommend you check them all out.