Au Revoir Release Reverie On Hemispheres

Au Revoir have an unreleased track named “Reverie” featured on the compilation “Hemispheres: Volume I” released by A Thousand Arms and curated by David Zeidler (Arctic Drones).

Mixed and Mastered by Scot Moriarty and recorded during the “Veles” sessions, “Reverie” is featured on side A of “Hemispheres Volume I”.

“Hemispheres: Volume I” is A Thousand Arms second compilation, comprised of two sides, Side A features 18 bands from the the Northern Hemisphere and Side B features 18 bands from the Southern Hemisphere. Mainly focused on the instrumental genre, this compilation explores the different interpretations of post-rock, post-metal, post-math and a few other genres in between.

Au Revoir’s Eric Annicchiarico said “Today, it is honestly quite hard to celebrate the release of a song that we have been sitting on for over a year. It’s uncommon typically, for an instrumental band to be political and take a hard political stance, but the five of us in our private lives are as involved and informed as all of the progressive, politically charged punk/non-punk bands we listen to daily. Our rights as occupants of this country and planet are only as good as our neighbors, and we must work hard to make sure all of our rights as one people are protected. So, we offer up this new song, appropriately called “Reverie” as some of us will need a daydream or two to get through some of the dark days ahead. Thank you to A Thousand Arms and Arctic Drones for having us on this Hemispheres comp, which features amazing instrumental artists from around the world separated into northern and Southern Hemispheres. We are in the company of greats like Caspian and our good friends Atsuko Chiba, Shy, Low, Appalaches, RANGES, Of the Vine“.

Download, listen and support all the artists involved.