Au Revoir are a heavy expansive instrumental doom rock five piece spread out around the Eastern Coast of the US. The band now consisting of Eric Annicchiarico, Gregg Peterson and Tyler Mandich on guitar, Carl Kranz on bass and Tyler Gilbert on drums have an exceptional ability to create sublime, expansive soundscapes and hypnotic crushing doom.

The inception of Au Revoir began in 2010 with just a few demoed tracks that came to fruition with 2012’s 9 song – 59 minute conceptual debut “In The Key Of Night.” Supporting “In The Key Of Night,” Au Revoir toured the States relentlessly, while still searching for a consistent line-up. 2013 then saw the release of “Black Hills,” an EP which shows the progress of the band taking steps towards finding and crafting it’s sound. Before their next full length, Au Revoir solidified their line-up, which in turn solidified the music they create, seeking to etch out a sub-genre of Instrumental music original to themselves.

On March 3, 2016  Au Revoir released their tour de force, the breathtaking concept album “Veles“. The band hit the road for a Spring 2016 US Tour, followed by US summer shows in late July and a US October Tour. “Veles” was included in Post-Rock Listeners’ Choice 50 Best Releases of 2016  and featured at number 7 in  Post-Rock Essentials Top 30 Releases Of 2016.

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Au Revoir


Au Revoir have reformed themselves as a huge serpent, coiling tightly around the roots that lead us into the wet underworld of Veles. It is not only a world of wet grassy plains and eternal spring but one where we find ourselves in the deepest of caverns, watched over by the ghosts of the dead, awaiting impending doom. Veles is richly bleak with decadence but the listener never succumbs or falls prey. He watches the ground ripple like water and feels an irresistible urge to be lost in Veles’ violent sway.



The latest release by Au Revoir, “Veles,” is a dark, ambient, and powerful testament to musical creativity. Composed with somber grooves that progress seamlessly into passionate jams and back again, “Veles” is a winding road through the valleys of unutterable human emotion. It’s not often that you find a band that can so effortlessly take their listeners on such a profound journey. Make sure you catch them on tour this October!
Thom Schultz/David Winters
10 Up-and-Coming Bands That Are Bringing The Game / DCN Noise-Blog
Au Revoir are carving their own path with laser like precision. Their latest record demonstrates (yet again) an incredible ability to grow. All that’s left for the audience to do is bask in the glory of some of the best riffs the scene has to offer.
Laurent Boileau
Veles is a pummeling, ominous, and fitfully heavy collaboration between Au Revoir’s five members in search of something larger than themselves. What’s immediately striking about Veles is the emotional roller coaster that develops between Au Revoir’s softest soundscapes and their heaviest riffs.
Veles is a force of nature, an experience of surges and plunges
(Number 7): Au Revoir returned in 2016 with a heavy and quite literally breath-taking release. “Veles” brings the dark clouds to gather overhead as a destructive sonic tide surges in. “The Bottom” inspires the listener to plunge into the water. “Drifting” opens the floodgates of the heavens. “Sinking” and Deluge” see that you get thrashed and pummelled just long enough for you to still be able to turn the record over and go through it all over again, which you do, again and again. Veles is transcending.
It’s fearless, ambitious, risky, challenging and emphatic. I find it really hard to say something bad about it. This is one of those albums which ticks all the right boxes.
Mark Martins
A must have album for everyone out there who is looking for experimental instrumentation with deep roots in post metal; ‘Veles’ would certainly not disappoint you.


Au Revoir’s pressbook is still in the works. You can download the cover of “Veles” for the time being.

Download “Veles” cover in HD