Canopy Cover

Digital release date: 1 February 2011


01. Sweet Burning Melancholia
02. As Walking On Canopy
03. Before The Coming Sun
04. Panacea

Silent Whale Becomes A° Dream‘s debut album “Canopy” is an unforgettable and awe-inspiring instrumental rock masterpiece of majestic depth consisting of four long atmospheric tracks fuelled by orchestral expansiveness, soaring guitars and intense melodies that induce powerful emotions and a dreamlike state at every listen.

“Canopy” is an astoundingly disarming debut release from a band that immediately displayed remarkable cohesion in their compositions and a natural ability to tug at one’s heartstrings. The arrangements emphasize texture, structure and pacing. The lush cinematic strings are constantly enveloping and come to life with mystical grandeur. Yannick Tournier’s pristine production only further empowers the high-reaching capabilities of this imposing band that truly lives up to their name.

“Canopy” is a towering triumph born out of ambition, emotions and mesmerising mastery. It is a larger than life post-rock symphony for the ages.

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